♥ I’M ENGAGED! All about my engagement ring & wedding plans!

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January 3, 2017
Yay! You Made It Through the Holidays
January 3, 2017


Ahhhh I am SO excited to be engaged to my best friend & love of my life! This is my first video in my WEDDING SERIES! I talk to you guys about my ring & our wedding plans. Ratings will be disabled on ALL of the videos in the series because this is a very happy time in my life & I don’t want to give jealous losers on the Internet the power to bring negativity to my channel.

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  1. Katie Landis says:

    This video is amazing!! So happy for you!! I'd recommend totally planning ASAP and to try and finalize something each month. Like- finalize the dress this month. Do the DJ next month. Do wedding rings the next. You get the point. Just try to complete little tasks one after the other.. Helps to feel accomplished and eliminates some stress!

  2. Congratulations!! All the best to you and L and your beautiful expanding family. Xo

  3. are you wearing invisalign? I notice your teeth are shiny. I want them so bad! but was told they're $4k+

  4. Congratulations!!! I just got engaged on Christmas, and im still stoked and extremely happy lol

  5. Congrats again!! So exciting!

  6. Allison Posh says:

    Congrats and super gorg ring!!

  7. Congrats!! I look forward to the wedding series ??

  8. You are soooooo cute, and I love your ring. Congrats!!!!

  9. ItsVega 9 says:

    Alexandrea Garza's ring and the same jeweler she used

  10. Mariciella says:

    My advice: You should love your future husband more than a ring ;)

  11. Marcel Szpak says:

    sie torbie poszczęściło 😀 many blessings ;)

  12. I love your ring its beautiful! What's your finger size? I'm not sure if I'd like the 9×7 or 10×8

  13. Congrats! I love morganites!

  14. I have a morganite as well! I LOVE the colour!!

  15. Nlovexo says:

    Do you or your husband have a phone number for Sam N Sue? How was your experience? My fiancé ordered from the website a month ago, and I had questions – they have not been responding. I emailed, facebooked/IG nothing. Ugh! I'm getting so nervous. Is this normal?

  16. hopefully you can do a ring update. I initially wanted a morganite but was warned against it by our jewler because of how soft the stone is. they let me know it was not suitable for daily wear.

  17. Omg I remember when I use to watching you back in 2009 /2010 ish when I was in college. Congratulations on the baby and marriage! It's been a while since I've been on your channel.

  18. Unplannedmix says:

    There's no link in the description

  19. i got engaged to day with the guy i loved for 10 years now x

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