♥ Perfumed Jewelry Rave Review ♥

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January 31, 2017
The Official Guys’ Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring
January 31, 2017

A rave review of the beautiful and truly unique Perfumed Jewelry pendants! Buy online here: http://www.perfumedjewelry.com/
FREE delivery worldwide!
FREE Gift Wrapping!
Last online order dates (international) Wednesday 6th December.

Passion Pendant: $140 AUS Dollars – £82.15
Narciso Rodriguez For Her


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  1. The link for the site doesn't work because it has http:// twice!

  2. MIzHunter says:

    This is such a unique idea thanks for sharing ! I think my mom would love this …. By the way ur makeup looks so pretty here …. Possible tutorial or list of products on ur blog ?

  3. Teresa Payne says:

    Thanks so much for the review!  I actually have seen this idea before….Lisa Hoffman (Dustin Hoffman's wife btw) has a website where she sells a very similar product.  It's lisahoffmanbeauty.com in case you're interested in checking it out.  I think the scents she uses are original to her brand, though.  I've been intrigued by the idea of perfumed jewelry for a while now…just think it's a brilliant idea.  Hope you are doing well! xo 

  4. Horray for the makeup totorial on Sunday! I was thinking of asking. You look stunning and thank you for this review. Indeed, very unique.=)

  5. skylilly1 says:

    Very cute idea…if you don't like to use sprays or lotions!…also would be nice to hang from you rear view mirror!

  6. EmsJ1976 says:

    The coupon code "Scenttrails" is taking it down to $119 which is great but will we get hit with customs charges in the UK?? xXx

  7. EmsJ1976 says:

    Sorry the coupon code is all lowercase! :o) xXx

  8. Becky Rogers says:

    That's stunning, and I'm so jealous that it my absolute favorite fragrance. I think you are the first person I've heard talk about the fragrance it's so unique and sexy.

  9. Annusya Pipi says:

    Ouaou, that looks so amazing! <3  It reminds me of the necklace from Rosemary's Baby except that it smells GOOD, heee ^=^  I really miss your old haul videos!  You had a few haul videos like from Body Shop and Lush and other pretty ones from a few years ago and now they're gone u.u  Those were my favourites! <3  Will you ever reupload them??

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