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February 26, 2017
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February 26, 2017

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  1. abukhalil711 says:

    vanessa will u marry me .. and u can buy the ring:P

  2. kelly lynch says:

    Very informative. You're beautiful too. 🙂

  3. Blake Tomas says:

    Very insightful thanx for saving me from making a bad decision

  4. cj222100 says:

    The thing w/the lighting, I kind of realized that on my own. Like I'd notice in department stores that really aren't known for quality diamonds,even a crappy stone sparkles alot. And somewhere like Tiffany's,where the diamonds are all great quality,it practically blinds you in combination w/the lighting.But I've always wondered-how do you exactly ask to take something outside? I mean, suppose it's a really pricey ring, would they let you do that?

  5. They might not let you take it outside (some may with a security guard though). Ideally they have a window in their shop. For instance, I have a lot of natural light in my studio, so clients can see how their diamond looks in direct sunlight as well as fluorescent lights. (We don't use the fancy lighting so clients know what to expect each day). If you're looking for an engagement ring, we create custom rings for client all over the world – I'd be happy to help you select an amazing diamond 🙂

  6. jax4024 says:

    thank you this video was very informative and valuable! i might have to stop by SD and check out your diamonds.

  7. We're happy to invite you to the studio to look at our diamonds. We are by appointment only, so feel free to send us an email when you're ready. 🙂

  8. KinGIIRomE says:

    Will you marry me Vanessa?!!

  9. Thank you for the wonderful information.

  10. York Wang says:

    great information!

  11. blaizebleu4u says:

    Oh no, I feel so bad for the guy who bought the ring online. Poor guy…:(

  12. dloverise says:

    You're very cute. What a lovely smile.

  13. OMG you are so beautiful can i buy you an engagement ring ???

  14. To anyone wondering about the "taking the ring outside deal." if you're at a reputable store, they will let you do it.  They might escort you or have a guard at the door or whatever or they might even have an area where natural light goes through so you can see it.  I've had no issues taking my diamonds outside to look at them.  🙂

  15. Very Helpful, Thanks for Sharing.

  16. I think Andrew was very unlucky. However, not all online shops are the same. It is best of course to have recommendation, search the background of the shop and the person behind it. In the UK return policy for online shops ios by law so wouldn't have happened.

  17. SEO JEWEL says:

    Great information that will help alot of customers who looking to buy jewelry

  18. DCD DOO says:

    Vanessa, you are real cookie…

  19. Alex Gainey says:

    is allurez a scam??? I'm seeing mixed reviews

  20. Yes the lighting thing is so real and messed up in my eyes my ring sparkled and shined so much in the store took it out after purchasing it did not sparkle at all took it back told them it wasn't what I was looking for the sales clerk tried to show me different ones but I I was just thinking they would all be the same so I'm going to zales here next week can't wait to pick out my dream bridal set!❤

  21. Foo3112 says:

    I'll put a ring on her 😛

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