6 Scams to Avoid When Buying an Engagement Ring – Vanessa Nicole Jewels Engagement Rings

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6 Scams to Avoid When Buying an Engagement Ring – Vanessa Nicole Jewels Engagement Rings

Have Your Custom Diamond Rings Made By Vanessa Nicole, An Award Winning Designer & Master Diamond Setter At Vanessa Nicole Jewels.

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  1. xLOVExGODx says:

    Great information…

    Thank you, for providing these scams to everyone…

    My only complaint is that your voice was heard predominantly on the left speaker of my headphones as opposed to being heard on both…

    Now, at the end of the video the sound becomes crystal clear…

    Nonetheless, a great video full of useful information…

  2. Great information, thank you, i especially enjoyed the part with the professional lights in the stores and you are absolutely right, i live in germany but i am actually from iran and also would buy my diamond ring from iran, but what i noticed is that the stores that sell only gold have normal lightening but jewelry stores (stores that sell diamond jewelry) they have completely different lights so everything is really sparkling 😀
    But i dont think that they would allow me to take the ring out of the store to see it under natural lightening, but i will definitely try

  3. There are many scams in the industry… unfortunately for most stores it's easier to promote a fiction than it is to tell the truth.  The best thing people can do to ensure that what they are getting is quality is to both buy from a reputable source and get it certified! 

    Not all certificates are the same either.  For stones 1 ct+ insist on a GIA cert.  If you're going to buy anything… buy a minimum of H colour, no fluorescence and a high grading on the cut – the cut is so important!  You would not believe how many 1ct diamonds I see that have a SUPER thick girdle and look like MUCH smaller stones – they're flat and dead like Vanessa said.  Buy reputable!  Don't waste your money!

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