Aesop Rock – Rings (Official Video)

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December 11, 2016
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December 11, 2016

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“Rings” is the first official single from Aesop Rock’s “The Impossible Kid” is OUT NOW on Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Cast in order of appearance:
Aesop Rock as Himself
Jameson Radiacion as Witness 1
Allyson Carroll as Witness 2
Bobo Coutier as Witness 3
Amelia Steinbeck as Witness 4
Travis Visscher as Police Officer
Janie Faison as Witness 5
Clare Kaluzynski as Witness 6
Chang Lee as Detective
Eugene Swathmore as Pathologist
Robert Gallucio as Waiter

Production Company: Bent Image Lab (Portland, Oregon)
Director: Rob Shaw
Executive Producer: Ray Di Carlo
Producer: Robert A. D’Esposito
DP: Rodrigo Melgarejo
AC: Lane Clark
Editor: Rob Shaw
Art Director: Emily Yurek
FX Makeup: Erin Lyon
Gaffer: Kevin Forrest
Stage manager: Jim Birkett
Stop Motion Art Director: Greg Arden
Stop Motion Animator: John Summerson
Armaturist: Gary McRobert
Illustrator: Jesse McManus
VFX Supervisor: Paul DeSilva
Colorist: Paul DeSilva

Special thanks to Kachka!




  1. I appreciate what this guy has done to the game. thanks a-Rock.

  2. Fran Sunstar says:

    Drifting the Ford RS200 with this song…. COOL!

  3. MC cashMax says:

    such a weak beat, video is amazing but the song itself is shit

  4. Omni Homeboy says:

    I just found out about Lil Yachty. Had to come back here to cure my cancer.

  5. ABJECT_SELF says:

    Been relating to this song hard lately. I started college going into computer science, but discovered acting in my first semester and loved it. Got some big roles in a few plays and found a second family in my castmates. But then my major kicked into gear, I had less time to go to auditions and old castmates are quickly forgetting me. More and more I have to choose between a talent I love or a skill that I can assuredly live off of, and I'm terrified of looking back ten years from now and wondering what could have been.

  6. Conversation: "No, I said Aesop Rock, not A$AP Rocky."

  7. AndyMush says:

    i used to rap , hard to admit that i used rap.

  8. what a beat this is. aesop rock one of my favs. just wondering though, him gza and kool keith are the rappers with the biggest vocabulary, have amazing flow and word play, yet no one gives them credit.

  9. Omar Dimelo says:

    What the hell are the rings he mentions?

  10. MrHabitat009 says:

    Aesop Rock…on a completely different level

  11. The only rap vinyl I'll ever buy.

  12. Fyouchurrr says:

    Every time I listen to this song, I learn something new.

  13. as a "failed" visual artist i relate to this on so many levels

  14. macmat5 says:

    the video reminded me of prodigy's "warrior's dance". there were match boxes dancing though

  15. Jeremiah Fox says:

    I wonder who this is about, I thought himself at first cause the video but I don't think so anymore

  16. L says:

    Very relatable song

  17. Baddest white rapper out there for a while now.

  18. cloudparter says:

    whales by hail Mary Mallon, would have sounded better in FH3.

  19. The intro of this song around 0:30 is amazing

  20. what is this shit about?

  21. Joe Toe says:

    God this is fucking terrible. Hate that this is on madden

  22. The only good song on Madden this year.

  23. Kyle O'Boyle says:

    Why does his skin color matter? Honestly, why do we divide eachother and give labels? Keep killing it Aesop

  24. siru mu says:

    best beat ever

  25. another madden classic

  26. notyuu says:

    I'd love to see someone do a drum cover of this.

  27. husleman says:

    Damn, dude def stepped his rap game up from years ago when I first started listening to em.

  28. xxeerroee says:

    clean rap is so siqqq

  29. pink Floyd meets atmosphere

  30. not gonna lie Madden 17 brought me here but does he sound like tech nine? personally I like him better than tech 9 he is DA worst 2 me I'd rather listen 2 this on repeat then any 9 song!

  31. Marcus Maak says:

    he should make a video with tool

  32. Anton Lisk says:

    who the fuck can't like this!

  33. snop6176 says:

    This beat is so fucking sick

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