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January 6, 2017
Vintage Engagement Rings January 3
January 6, 2017

Hey guys! As requested here’s everything there is to know about my engagement ring! If I did manage to miss something, feel free to ask anything down below in the comments! Like and subscribe 🙂 I appreciate all the support. Love you all, xoxo.

BTW: Makeup tutorial coming next week on the makeup I wore in this video!

Aspyn Ovard ring:

My ring specifications:
Cut: Excellent
Carats: 1.38 (pear diamond)
Color: H
Clarity: SI2
Dimensions: 9×7 cm
Setting: halo semi mount containing round brilliant cut diamonds weighing total of approx. .70 carats set in 18K white gold.



  1. I don't think the ring specifications r in the description

  2. great video please sub back

  3. I'm so happy for you!!:-) just out of curiosity, how old are you? I wish you guys the very best!!:-)<3

  4. Please do tutorial on the makeup you're wearing in this video, please?

  5. Is it a pink Morganite? That's where the link brought me

  6. Tonya Tobias says:

    You and your ring are gorgeous sweetie!!

  7. Mariana you are so pretty!!! What a helpful video this was! I absolutely love this ring and your channel! Congrats to you and Fernando so happy for you both!!

    Can you please tell me which store you bought the ring from? xo!

  8. LAURA TARRY says:

    Such a beautiful ring!!!! <3 Congratulations to you both!!!!!! I am just wondering which tiffany & co. necklace you have on?!? I love it!!

  9. Lynds says:

    Aw it's so pretty congrats girl ?

  10. I would like to know what store you got your ring from?

  11. Kim Mantia says:

    It is a beautiful ring!! Congrats on your engagement ?

  12. Taylor Kolb says:

    I went to the link, but how do you change it to be diamond? I see where you can change it to silver, but not change the stone

  13. Erika Evans says:

    You can't choke on your tongue, sweetie! Your ring is beautiful btw?

  14. Isa Matsson says:

    You are so cute and such a good vlogger! Just started. Really nice ring and cute proposal! <3

  15. Em M says:

    Ugh I am Inlove with this ring! Where did you purchase it ? ??

  16. Congrats I love it.You are a very blessed girl.

  17. How old are you? Sorry I'm new to the channel.

  18. Vicky says:

    Your ring is so beautiful, you're so lucky!!! ? I just have a little question, it's a very very genuine question no hate or anything I love you and your videos at lot, I don't know if it's too personal because you didn't talk about it in the video and if it is you don't have to answer ? I was just wondering, you were talking about how it should come naturally in your relationship to be able to talk about engagement and that's not a problem in mine it's just that… the price… I just really don't feel comfortable being like "hey, I love you and we've been together a long time and I think we're ready to begin a new chapter in our life" and then your boyfriend agrees with you, he's totally in and then you tell him what kind of ring you'd like but it's like super expensive… I don't want to be like that's what I want but he has to pay for it… like, should I pay? Should we both pay? I just don't know… ?? Btw congratulations on your engagement ☺️?

  19. 林明鋒 says:


  20. Shayna Bayna says:

    Congrats Girl!!! the ring is beautiful !

  21. K.C. says:

    So this diamond is only .70, that's not even 1 ctw correct?

  22. We custom ordered my ring last month. can't wait to see it

  23. amores son hechos, no diamantes, los hechos son el verdadero compromiso, no una roca fosilizada.

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