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December 12, 2016
J.Rosée Black Soft Rubber Paint LED Jewelry Gift Box Case Review
December 12, 2016

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•Items Shown:
-Festival Tassel Drops
-Cape Town Bracelet Set
-Picasso Links
-Alessandra Tassel Bib
-Gold Tassel Bracelet

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♥What I’m wearing:
•Top- Victoria’s Secret
•Jewelry- Baulebar, duh!
•Nails- Models Own Flip Flop + Floss Gloss Wet
•Foundation- Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage
•Blush- MAC Cheeky Bugger
•Lips- ColourPop Solow
•Eyes- ColourPop Metamorphosis Quad
•Lashes- Esqido Lashlorette
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  1. I love Baublebar.  I have gotten quite a few pieces over the past year or so and I've found everything to be solid and high quality.

  2. Melanie Lee says:

    so…… I love jewelry. and I really want to get in to statement necklaces. But I'm scared to try them, because I don't really know what types of tops are appropriate to wear with statement necklaces because I know theres so many different styles of necklaces. Can you possibly do a video where you show different outfits that would totally work with different types of statement necklaces? It would be super helpful! Thanks Dani!! :D

  3. I just got bauble bar jewelry for the first time and I love my pieces! I got a monkey emoji necklace ???

  4. BaubleBar and Shoplately are my go-to for jewelry. I'm so sad that Shoplately has been down for months. I hope they get back up soon. I totally understand what you mean by your jewelry needing it's out Zip code. I have so much it kind of scares me. hahaha.

  5. susie veliz says:

    Baublebar is on Ebates! Which is another excuse to buy more jewelry hehe. I love baublebar.

  6. Love your earrings, such a statement piece!

  7. Check out cause box. I think you would like it..

  8. OMG!! Dani I thought I was the only one who thought my metal jewelry smelt like nickel.. lol sometimes I will be at work smelling my chain and people would be looking at me. Lol

  9. You make Everything LOOK Beauitful,…..Love Ya,

  10. I love bauble bar and am glad you are finally in on it Dani….

  11. Dani you have no idea how happy your videos make me! So glad i found you!! 

  12. GT Tchaleva says:

    why do people comment such rude things! like that is so rude and I am in such shock. People make videos for us to be resourceful and for us to use them, not to talk trash about them +Anika Lozada

  13. Updated makeup collection please. Btw you look radiant here. 

  14. I need to see Chima in that bracelet. 

  15. Lol when show the "heavy metal necklace" it's was just jaw-dropping ????????????

  16. Mya s says:

    cute…but oh no… that bracelet set is $62 and that necklace is $68 no wonder celebrities wear it, bc they can afford it. I'll stick to my swarovski jewerly if i plan on spending that kind of money.

  17. I'm impressed on how you organize your make-up room.  It's beautiful.

  18. kristy tovar says:

    1. Loving the nail polish colors
    2. Another site to be addicted to!
    3. Your happiness is contagious.

  19. Emi Santana says:

    what is that lip color? ^¬^

  20. I need this in my life lol! Who doesn't want jewelry that Alessandra picks right lol I loved your haul! 

  21. valleyofmist says:

    oh my gaaaaawwwd….. YAAAS I love this. Im angry too now! HOW DID I NOT KNOW?!? Thank you for lifting my rock lol!

  22. I have heard of the company but never seen the pieces. I really love shopping in person for jewelry and looking for nice pieces that are inexpensive. My latest find is at Old Navy! They have frequent sales and if you get coupons…I got some fantastic pieces there a month ago! Thanks for sharing your purchases!

  23. Looks like I need to shop on Baublebar now!

  24. Dani is so under-appreciated. I really wish she was one of the top, up-there beauty youtubers with millions of subscribers because she deserves it so sooo much!

  25. JennyAmy says:

    Thumbs up for Patrick the Star reference!

  26. Your personality is goals

  27. luv2dance says:

    Ur makeup is stunning! TUTORIAL PLEASEY PLEASE!!! ?☺

  28. I love Baublebar!  Their customer service personnel are so friendly and outstanding too.  You can also buy some of Baublebar jewelry at Nordstrom.  
    I know metal smell is awful.  Baublebar jewelry definitely doesn't have it.  You're right about their statement necklaces.  They are beautiful and lie flat on your neck/chest area.  Great quality.  I am going to get some more!  LOL!

  29. Double A says:

    I thought I was the only person who pained my hands 2 different colors! Yes! 

  30. Definitely going to have to use that code!

  31. ldpsvede says:

    Your videos are always so fun!

  32. Mint Key says:

    im just gonna stay jelly of you and your butt load of makeup EVERYWHERE behind you…. <3

  33. just order some! I bought some earnings likes yours but dark blue…. cannot wait to get my order! thanks dani!

  34. Julie May says:

    Love the tassel bracelets!!!!!

  35. D Flew says:

    Isn't fashion jewelry fun? If you enjoy fashion jewelry, check out my Chloe and Isabel boutique at check it out! 🙂 

  36. Kim94945 says:

    Love that metal fringe bracelet! Xoxo. 

  37. LiseAlb says:

    Hi Dani, I can't get the code to work. I have tried all lower case and all upper case and I have a full price item in my cart. Suggestions? 

  38. That bracelet…i wanted to snatch that from you?

  39. Hi Dani, I love your videos, but I thought you should also check out real stones real metals gorgeous jewelry, thought I'd share. 

  40. Roxanne Cruz says:

    Eyebrows on fleek ?

  41. please check out my jewelry boutique
    I'm a Chloe and Isabel Merchandizer

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