BaubleBar Jewelry Haul/Review

13 ultra-cool contemporary engagement rings.
December 12, 2016
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December 12, 2016


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  1. Loved all the pieces!!! :)

  2. Great video I love how you have so many different kinds of videos and interests. And yes, I am already liking the video before it even starts because these girls never let me down!

  3. Mochaluv says:

    like the show…Battle Star Galactica

  4. dee bree says:

    Kelsey you look absolutely beautiful in Essence magazine! you and Kendra keep up the GREAT work! !

  5. Jem4u90 says:

    Makeup collection video please!!!!! Love ya

  6. June Askew says:

    Kelsey I saw you in essence magazine the other day in my doctor's office, congrads! Are y'all identical? How many minutes apart are you. I am an identical twin myself and I sense the closeness and support you give to each other. You both are very beautiful!

  7. Erin W says:

    I'm loving Kelsey's burnt orange/brick/rust colored makeup in this video!  Beautiful!  I wish she would have listed her lipstick color in the description box.

  8. Alex Alex says:

    Both of you look like perfect Barbie dolls. I hate you both lol.

  9. ShanieBeauty says:

    what brand and color is the nail color y'all are wearing i love them both

  10. I love everything except the plastic bags. I checked the website and it is pricey for jewelry so I think they can do better than a plastic bag

  11. Great info about the jewelry girl cute and simple nice every day jewelry.

  12. Baublebar has some nice pieces! I love elephants as well Kendra!

  13. Nicole Kemp says:

    Beautiful pieces and dainty is my favorite word that I use all the time for my small pieces of jewelry… The necklaces will be pretty layered as well with other dainty necklaces

  14. Great Video Love it!!!

  15. Cute and stylish pieces of jewelry Kendra and Kelsey and thanks for the recommendation.I will be purchasing me a few pieces from BaubleBar!

  16. ChicSenses says:

    GOD makes things happen not luck. Just a tip but I love the jewelry and the nails too! I want another vlog ?

  17. What's on your lips Kelsey?!

  18. HAAAAATMHO says:

    What lipsticks did you girls have on ?

  19. pretty jewelry! Kelsey is my absolute favorite

  20. Soy Lopez07 says:

    Such beautiful twins you guys are ? Thanks for sharing your bb haul xo!

  21. i dont see the elephant bracelet anymore:

  22. xXGlRL says:

    i really do love them they're funny

  23. Kisha Lray says:

    thanks for sharing, will have to check some of these out. :)

  24. samanthaohmy says:

    How did I miss this video?? N-e ways thanks 4 the review ladies…you picked some really nice pieces.

  25. Zona Rosa says:

    they are so cute

  26. hi I have a question is that real gold

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