Beados Gems Designer Studio – DIY Make Your Own Gem Jewelry Set

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February 20, 2017
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February 20, 2017

Beados Gems Designer Studio! Make your own jewelry with some beados gems! I bought this at Toys R Us for $24.99 and it is for ages 4 and up. With this set you can make a necklace, bracelet and ring.

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  1. Shuchi Wang says:

    you can get at toys rs also that were i got mine

  2. Get a cool baker magic mixer maker set and see how that taste it is only $19.99

  3. Sara Games says:

    Hey I got beados before kept messing my design up and ran out of beads so sad ;( And I got 500 beados but guess what my grandma also got me a mini Kit I got the full pack which is $20 yeah a lot of money to me!

  4. Jikey Ill says:

    i rely want this toy but i did not know anything about i just saw the commercial for i went on youtube and you were the first i watched it and it was a wonderful review out of all of them. so now i know how to work it when i get it for x-mas and i also know how cool it is

  5. Sophie Park says:

    your videos are funy

  6. Your amazing I love you

  7. Dream Drawer says:

    Why pink? Why can't it be anything but PINK for sometime.

  8. where did you buy it?!🙌🙌

  9. ariana kate says:

    can you add beados keychain

  10. Makenzie B says:

    +lisa gibler yes you can

  11. Anjan Kaur says:

    l have just got that for Christmas

  12. yes i got my frm walmart😇

  13. I have the beados gems set too! This video helps me. I lost the jewelry instructions but I still know how to make a ring and a bracelet !

  14. I got myn from cristmas

  15. I Like Beados💎Gems so so so so so so so much

  16. Pegasus Sarah. It's a freaking Pegasus.

  17. I have it too but mine is a lot harder to line up

  18. Su Meiyan says:

    it cheaper at Argos

  19. i love this show but no mixymixy for me

  20. thx this helped me u earnd a new suber

  21. Dont get it it get's jamed a lot and brakes

  22. Neil Martin says:


  23. Neil Martin says:

    how long does it take to dry?

  24. the winged horse is called a Pegasus 🎠🚀

  25. sophmo tv says:

    Does it need batteries?

  26. lps school says:

    your comments say that you got it at Walmart but in the video it said that you got it from toys Are Us

  27. can u make a choker with it

  28. Jimeniux Pop says:

    Im so good puting gems because i Have a lot of practice

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