By: The Designing Club
December 12, 2016
Vitae Ascendere’s metal lace.
December 12, 2016








It’s not a secret that I collect watches, I own many different brands, and Larsson & Jennings is one of them. A few years back they popped up in my instagram feed and I was extremely curious about the quality of the brand. Now 2-3 years later I own 4 or 5 Larsson & Jennings watches and I was more than excited when I found out they launched some new styles. A collection preview was send out to my email and this golden beauty immediately caught my eye. And the most funny thing about this collection is that it’s called the Norse collection. And you probably know that my dog’s also called Norse, so I just call this a perfect match!

And luckily for you its cyber weekend which means I can offer you 15% off by using the code LJ15! I hope you will use it and don’t hesitate to let me know which style caught your eye! Happy weekend!

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