Bling It Candle reviews & jewelry reveals Zales box!

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January 25, 2017
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January 25, 2017


  1. Brittany Rae says:

    oh poor Kat! I wanna see what you guys got!!! ahhh!!! i can't wait!!!

  2. Boo for the coughing fit 🙁 But YAY for the Zales box! I cant wait to see what you got! 

  3. Your daughter is absolutely adorable ??? & she def' makes me smile ?

  4. Thank you she is so funny! Yes she makes me smile all the time. Kat is a goof ball and I would not have her any other way :)

  5. I'm sorry but I couldn't even watch this. The girl is a bit much.

  6. KimaSora says:

    Thank you for the comments, even you Miss Shannon. I will not apologize though, to everyone their own. But let me tell you this, there is enough people and enough things that go in on my life that cause SEVERE unhappiness. I enjoy little things like this, I am completely aware I act childish and obnoxious; which is what I am guessing is the problem. I choose to be when I am able and not committed to any adult responsibilities of the day, mostly when they are finished. So as I completely respect your choice but please refrain to comment.

    Old saying but means much, "don't like it, don't comment". "Say unto others you want to say unto you" and many countless sayingsthat fit.

    But please your comments on here and anywhere else, to anyone else does have impact. I thank you for not using crude language and it being "civil" as if we're not and if we're not me could have caused trouble.

    Hope you have a good day. 

  7. Sarah Love says:

    For anyone who criticizes get it in hour head….she LOVES candles and doing this with her mom…and she has Cistic Fibrosis….so…..just…..SHUT UP about her coughing….a simple breeze can send her into a fit….She wants to have this experience with her mom and you think it is okay to shit all over it….smh hug your perfect ? life and stop criticizing theirs they are obviously a healthy loving family who have this hobby in common…..smh

  8. awww thank you Sarah.

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