BodyCandy Body Jewelry Haul & Review!

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February 25, 2017
Glow in the Dark Jewelry
February 25, 2017

!Open for DETAILS & DESCRIPTIONS! BodyCandy Body Jewelry Review + Haul + Try On + Demo + Detailed Review!


Start to 3:12 Intro & Backstory
3:13-5:00 Shipping/Unboxing/Packaging
5:00-7:33 Handcrafted Industrials
7:33-8:53 Industrials
8:53-10:56 Belly Rings
10:56-12:24 Nipple Ring Sets
12:24-15:53 Cartilage Earring + Try On
15:53-19:43 Labret (snakebite studs) + Try On
19:53-22:07 Nose rings + Try On
22:07-23:43 Eyebrow Rings + Try On
23:43-25:26 Vertical Labret

Items Mentioned:

Bronze Titanium:

Opal Belly Rings:

Braided Nose Rings:

Cartilage Earrings:

Rose Gold Nipple Ring Set:

Stainless Steel Nipple Clicker Set:
14 Gauge 9/16" Stainless Steel Fancy Filigree Nipple Clicker Set

Bio Flex Purple Labret:
Bio-Flex 2mm Purple Gem Push-In Labret Monroe Tragus

Clear Vertical labret:
Acrylic Clear Gem Eyebrow Ring 3/8"

Black Ball & Cone Eyebrow:
16 Gauge 5/16" Black Sandblasted Steel Curved Eyebrow Ring 3mm Cone

Rainbow Nose Rings:

Anchor Industrial:
Drop Anchor for Summer Fun Dangle Coil Industrial Barbell

My Piercings + Gauges & Lengths

-Eyebrow: 16 Gauge 5/16
-Nose: 20 & 18 Gauge (5/16 Hoop)
-Snakebites: 16 Gauge 5/16
-Vertical Labret: 16 Gauge 3/8
-Helix Ear: 16 Gauge 5/16 BCR or Bar
-Industrial: 14 Gauge 35-36 mm
-1st Lobes: 22 gauge
-2nd Lobes: 16 Gauge (5/16 Horseshoe)
-Nipples: 14 Gauge 5/8
-Belly Button: 14 Gauge

Disclaimer: All these products were sent to me to review from the company. That in no way changes my opinion about the items or the quality!

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  1. Ocea Dio says:

    I love your videos!❤️

  2. Great video! <3 I love Body Candy too, I've gotten some things from there. You got some great stuff!

  3. Molly Sym says:

    great video! where did you get the horseshoe earring in your second hole?. it is soooooo cute!!

  4. I really love your videos I hope you will upload some more! maybe you can do a collection video on your piercings? I'd really love to see that coming up. lots of love from Holland!

  5. I really loved them until they changed the site I kinda hate it.. it is just hard to find anything now, and once I do finally find what I want, it is always out of stock! Plus I lost all of my points and none of my coupons work now!! Are you having trouble too or have you ordered in the past couple of weeks since they changed it up?

  6. Everything is pretty much handcrafted

  7. Nerdy girl says:

    how long have you had your lip piercings? have you noticed any gum recession?

  8. Dope haul girl love your vertical labret I would love to get that and my medusa but I can't have anymore facial piercings. I have my left nostril pierced, industrial, and helix pierced

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