Clean Your Engagement Ring at Home, Cleaning Jewelry, Fab How To

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December 14, 2016
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December 14, 2016

For today’s how-to, we’re showing you how you can get your engagement ring clean and sparkly using household remedies. And all of these techniques are perfectly safe for all different types of precious stones and metals. Whether you want to try using baking soda, dishwasher detergent, or ammonia, your precious piece will be clean and sparkly in no time. The bonus? You can also use these tips to clean other pieces in your jewelry box. On Allison McNamara: H&M top, Ann Taylor necklace.

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  1. Lina Shahid says:

    Wow! That's cool! Thanks! and i'm 1st comment! =D

  2. Teleia1 says:

    fabulous!! now i only need a man and a ring!!! :D

  3. Maite Larrea says:


  4. Hello, thank you for tips, can you please show some tips for gold plated jewellery. They fade so fast, I have lots of them but I am waiting to find some gold plating kit or something like that to recover them, here in Malaysia it is very humid so plated jewellery become dark so fast regardless of their brand and price.

  5. hey guys! no i am not married 🙂 the ring is on my right hand and it was a gift from my mom, i never take it off! xo Allison :)

  6. you can use these tips!

  7. hahaha sadly no! 🙁 

  8. I'll def keep that in mind for a how to! thanks for the idea 🙂 xo Allison

  9. i just use toothpaste n a little kids toothbrush.

  10. J says:

    You can't use amonnia on blue topaz

  11. vince gredo says:

    Is this subject to engagement rings only or could I utilize these methods in the cleaning of my high school ring. 

  12. jforeverr1 says:

    which method is most effective??

  13. eedoe says:

    Cascade Rinse Aid is not dish washing detergent.

  14. MizizBundy says:

    when I get home I will do this.

  15. I tried it and omg it really worked…I tried the warm water and dishwashing liquid. Will try the baking soda and warm water next week. Thank you!!

  16. Loreena B says:

    My promise ring gets absolutely disgusting just from everyday wear. Lotion, soap, makeup.. all kinds of stuff gets on it. Luckily my boyfriend has the lifetime protection on it, so I can get it cleaned for free anytime I want ^-^ 

  17. neda jangi says:

    wow! good tip.. I had almost forgotten the real look of my ring… Thanks!

  18. Thanks so much for these tips other wise I was about to spend a fortune on a ring cleaner that would only last about 3 months 

  19. Enisa Gunic says:

    I used baking powder on my diamonds so beautiful nice and clean it took me few minutes per ring so easy 

  20. craik says:

    I do it about once a month.. isn't once a week too much?

  21. Edwina Gibbs says:

    ^14kt white gold diamond celtic trinity knot matte finish wedding band, engagement ring CT7242B

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