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December 11, 2016
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December 11, 2016

No pressure. It’s not like it’s forever…

Design Your Own Engagement Ring at



  1. Am I the only one who thought it was Marina Joyce in the thumbnail?

  2. Honestly i think Maddy is the one who has no taste in "style" chads ring had so many beautiful details in it.

  3. some of these women were absolutely awful. I'd be happy with whatever my finance picked out for me as long as love and thought went into it

  4. some of these women were absolutely awful. I'd be happy with whatever my finance picked out for me as long as love and thought went into it

  5. Angel Manneh says:

    I've never seen any gay male couples on this channel. Only lesbians. Not that lesibians aren't great but I haven't seen the latter.

  6. Is the black dude trans?

  7. bookcrazy001 says:

    I don't like clear diamonds too much. I like color. I always pictured my ring having black diamonds and emeralds. with a pretty white gold finish in a vintage setting. My boyfriend thinks clear diamonds are better but I'm the one wearing it sooo…

  8. liv5776 says:

    Wow the blonde is such a brat

  9. youtubie says:

    The lesbian with brunette hair looks so much older than her girlfriend

  10. LisaPiiizza says:

    After I watched this video, I proceeded to design my very one engagement ring. And I'm single, and only 17….

  11. Kid Nickles says:

    this was adorable <3

  12. WHAT?! 8 years and your parents don't know you're gay? by all means come out when you're ready but how do you do that? how do you go home on the holidays and be like " Yo this is my gal pal! that I've lived with … for 8 years!)

  13. astrea79 says:

    Anyone that is planning to surprise their SO with an engagement ring should be required to see this video. Even if you think you know your partner, it's important to at least comparison shop with them to see what they like and don't like. Even if you assume they want a big a** rock, they might actually prefer something more subtle. I think men in particular just assume as long as it's the equivalent of 2 months salary then it's acceptable, but that's not always the case.

  14. Bruh Shat says:

    Rings are a stupid waste of money if they cost more than $1000. The financial damage they cause and sheer materialism they embody has no goodness.

  15. Em Garcia says:

    Do they ship to uk

  16. TeenDream888 says:

    rings aren't for everyone. my neighbors are both police officers and both husband and wife had realistic tattoos of wedding bands etched on their ring fingers so they wouldn't have to worry about losing their rings on the job. sometimes they wear a plain band that covers the tattoo, but they both said they were happy spending the money on a honeymoon rather than diamonds. everyone has something that works.

  17. Lora Hulbert says:

    Who cares about a ring, some of those women were shallow af! Those men are in for a Loooonnnng marriage… Have fun with that!

  18. Melcatsite says:

    What if her parents saw the video?!?!?

  19. TheKitkat825 says:

    I don't want a diamond engagement ring….

  20. Abypotato says:

    I don't understand why an engagement ring seems so important to people. Shouldn't the fact that you are being proposed to be enough?

  21. Hella Slapz says:

    My name is Antonia ?

  22. My husband and I totally went ring "looking" for months before he proposed lol. He wanted to get it right so badly and he got it perfect.

  23. Liz Torres says:

    Liz does Specialfx makeup on her IG @ltorres007. She's pretty cool.

  24. My husband did such a good job picking my engagement ring out. I love my ring so much. Everyone always says he did a good job haha

  25. if the ring not right, the man not right

  26. gidkam says:

    Ridiculous and silly!!!!! Go to a store and start a lifetime relationship with a professional rather than doing it online.
    They are only trying to convince people to shop online because they know its an emotional purchase and you cant get that from a screen.

  27. To be fair, I was looking at rings that were different than what my fiance bought. Once he proposed, I can say I don't think I would have been happier with anything else.

  28. I'm SO glad I saw their wedding ring commercial that attacks our insecurities from every angle. I was totally planning on proposing with a ring pop, cherry flavor.

  29. Nikki's so rude. I get that having a nice ring is important because, as it was said, it's something that you're (hopefully) going to be wearing everyday for the rest of your life, she made it seem like it was ALL about the ring. If he proposed and the ring wasn't perfect she would say no. It's supposed to be about the person and the fact that they love you enough to want to spend the rest of their life with you. Honestly the ring details are things that can be changed afterwards. Get engaged, be happy, and THEN mention how the ring might be a bit much or not your style and the two together can go to the jewelers and find one that might be better fitted for her.

  30. Cute rings. Burned some time on the site out of curiosity – ludicrous prices for basic designs, and not a single one I looked at would go up to my size. Another commenter mentioned Jewlr, and literally 4 clicks into that site I'm on the page of a ring I'd realistically love that's available in my size. And it's a Claddagh, for which they have a whole section and JamesAllen doesn't have a single result.

  31. I got this ad while watching, Why Engagement Rings Are a Scam – Adam Ruins Everything .

  32. I don't think they could have done a more obvious advertising video for James Allen…

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