Custom Engagement Ring – From Start to Finish – Casting

My Glamulet Jewelry REVIEW
December 18, 2016
Financing Your Engagement Ring
December 18, 2016

This has been one of my favorite videos to shoot and edit. It was great working with S.E. Needham as they designed and produced a custom wedding ring. This video shows the process of the design from start to finish. I hope you enjoy watching!

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This video was shot with a Cannon T5i:
With this Sigma lens:

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  1. Was expecting to see a mariage proposal at the end 🙂
    Maybe add a "WIll you marry me , sweetheart" at the end for emotional effect ;-)

  2. MrGiant says:

    Wow This Was An Amazing Video 😮 Great Camera Work !

  3. cmcv 1974 says:

    It's yours 🙂 ?

  4. AlexisPunch says:

    I bend my nexus 6p and I made a ring with it.

  5. Seung-Ho Kim says:

    What a great video! I'm deeply impressed by the craftmanship.

  6. Si Tang says:

    that's 4.5 min of joy and excitement!!

  7. travis meeks says:

    … i pictured that process much differently.. that's awesome

  8. Carl F says:

    Very cool. I'm a second year dental student and it's remarkable how much overlap there is between fabrication of a crown and making a ring. Sprueing and investing procedure is nearly identical.

  9. okbrb says:

    This is oddly hypnotizing to watch.

  10. anwar hasnul says:

    7000+ this vid definitely deserves more.. Love the editing…subscribed

  11. Super Man says:

    Bend test please………………………………..

  12. Mr. says:

    hah. very nice. I had a turquoise and black one made where the turquoise glows.

  13. Mr. says:

    I love watching videos like this. probably more than anything else

  14. xpucsc says:

    wow, that doesn't look too hard to make. What do you call the liquid material that was used to create the mold? Wet clay?

  15. Tarik Ahmia says:

    amazing craftsmanship, both in terms of ring- & film-making.

  16. wow this was amazing to watch

  17. Beautiful products and process – great work man! inspiring stuff

  18. MrNiitriiX says:

    1:02 some serious hangover shacking going on…

  19. Ali Momin says:

    How did you remove green plastic die from mold before pouring gold into it? Just curious

  20. 路小喵 says:

    what is this song's name?

  21. great, video. How do you get the smaller diamonds to stick and not fall off?

  22. Bee says:

    This video would be such a beautiful way to propose to someone!

  23. Le Leedler says:

    How much did they charge for this? Great end result, btw.

  24. Xin Tian says:

    I think you missed one step, between 1:22 to 1:44

  25. Justin Jones says:

    What was the tool at 3:30?

  26. Tube Matrix says:

    Sure that would look nice on your finger Zack lol.

  27. Barbara Jean says:

    Really cool. I wish I could better understand the step between putting the cylinder with the plastic ring in the oven to pouring the silver into the cylinder. How does the silver replace the plastic? Where does the plastic go??

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