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December 11, 2016
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December 12, 2016

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Hi guys! Since getting engaged I have had so many questions on my ring. I thought the best way to answer them would be in a DIY BRIDE video dedicated to my ring. If I missed any of your questions, feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you asap. Thank you so much for watching and please SUBSCRIBE & LIKE. XO, Alexandra

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  1. Nia Nicole says:

    Really gorgeous ring!

  2. Devan Penza says:

    So pretty! Just curious, what size is the actual stone? Also, are they diamonds around the stone and band itself? I love how it looks with the rose gold!!

  3. Beautiful ring! So different and super feminine. Love! I would be curious to know how you two met and how you began dating.

  4. Kayla_K says:

    Gorgeous ring! Congrats!

  5. Jocy Guzman says:

    That looks like Aspyns wedding ring lolol

  6. I got engaged yesterday in i am so happy 

  7. LifeasKaren says:

    I just came across your channel and ive been stuck watching your videos..
    U have great videos & ure stunning. Xo ?

  8. Yeahh fellow MI youtuber here too 🙂 Love your ring! My fiance did the same thing, went and picked out my moissanite center stone in downtown Royal Oak at a local jeweler, designed and picked out the setting and the diamonds in the halo and around it!

  9. 1. How did you meet?
    2. What was your first impression of each other?

    By the way I love your videos keep it up❤️

  10. Falls2dUst1 says:

    Hey i really want a ring like this too can you please tell me the size of the stone?

  11. Cheryl Rider says:

    *This engagement rings spring collection consists of truly gorgeous and luxurious high end jewelry

  12. Do you have any problems with it getting scratched? I love the color but a little worried about the stone holding up over time..

  13. Really helped with my morganite ring questions! New subbie! ?

  14. Really helped with my morganite ring questions! New subbie! ?

  15. How do I know if I my ring is to big? It slips down but doesn't fall off? Is it too big? It only slips down to my knuckle or the first crease on my finger,I don't think its to big and I'm pregnant at the moment,but when my fingers aren't swelling that's when it slips,should I get it resized? I've spoke to people about it and they said its not to big as long as it doesn't fall off my finger,somebody help me??xx

  16. Pasta Tasha says:

    Yeay! Luv the Rose gold as well.I'm even considering a blush colored wedding dress … Ummm I'm single lol but it's still fun to imagine playing "very expensive dress up".
    I'm silly, anyway congrats.

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