DIY Duct Tape Gift Box – Christmas // Holiday Jewelry Box How To + iPhone7 Giveaway

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December 14, 2016
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December 14, 2016

In this DIY, learn how to make a duct tape gift box! Make your own box to hold a gift for Christmas, Holidays, Birthdays, & more. Put any small present inside, such as jewelry, a clay charm, a pin, or a gift card. This duct tape craft is fairly easy to make so it’s great for beginners. Give the gift of handmade this Holiday season.


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  1. I love your duct tape videos and I wish you would do soooooo much more. you were my inspiration for starting a YouTube channel and my little duct tape adventure. plus I am entering if you couldn't guess?

  2. I'm entering the giveaway; I love watching diy gift ideas!!!

  3. I love all diy videos and I am entering
    and maby some room diy decorations

  4. I like the home decor videos best! I'm entering the giveaway

  5. carla zi says:

    I really like your duck tape videos. I am entering the give away.

  6. I like your slime videos
    Btw I'm entering the giveaway

  7. I love the diy decor vids and I want to enter please?

  8. The KB Show says:

    I love all your videos but my favorite videos you do are room decor btw I'm entering the giveaway your my favorite crafter

  9. Greetings from ??!!!! I'm a Filipina hair care crazy and I love trying out different methods on taking care of my naturally wavy hair but in a healthier way! And then I came across your channel and quickly subbed! I hope you can do more DIY hair care, soon! ❤️ #ImEntering

    Ps. I love watching your crafts while tea-ing on the weekends, its relaxing ?

  10. I like your cookies and milk soap. I will like you to make a duct tape phone case

    I enter

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    I entered

  12. I love christmas videos . I entered .

  13. Gianna says:

    I've really liked your duct tape
    videos and your Christmas videos. I even made your bifold duct tape wallet as a gift to my friend and cousins and they loved them.

    I'm entering

  14. WolfiePup22 says:

    I Enter – Could you please make more cooking videos because I really like them.               I LOVE all your videos so never give in. <3 Love you Sarah!! xx

  15. I love your room decor videos

  16. I can't decide which videos I like more lol! but I really do love the decor videos. (room decor, fall decor, etc..) I'd like to see more of those!! *i am entering in the giveaway

  17. Can you do Draw Challenges ? Or Maybe you can make a big pencil where you egscheli can ride with …??????

    And I love to wach Youre back to school diy and diy ??????????????
    I am entering ..??

  18. Amanda Smyer says:

    i love all ur diy vedios and yes im entering for that awesome give away

  19. jacksonwyatt says:

    my fav vids are the clay ones

  20. Hannah Cruz says:

    DIY videos, and i want to enter

  21. tori gezelle says:

    yay my fav christmas vids

  22. Erika Hardy says:

    Me!! I want to enter!

  23. I love your videos all so much. However if I have to pick a favorite I love your random talking and drawing video.

  24. I love all your DIY videos but I enjoy the DIY decor videos the most. I am entering the giveaway. I love you and your videos. Happy holidays. (:

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  26. I love your duct tape diys .I am entering the giveaway. <3 <3 <3

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  28. Holiday soap making tutorial ?
    I'm entering

  29. Bry Gonzalez says:

    Room decor entered

  30. Candy Ladie says:

    Polymer Clay Charms and Animals!!! Enter Me in the Giveaway Please!!!

  31. Can you please do some more duck tape crafts because I've been following you my whole duck tapering times and you are the best person to help me love you so much xx

  32. Where do you get all those pretty duct tapes?! I've watched your videos a lot and you always have really pretty ones!
    I've tried finding them here but I don't think we have them in Finland :/

  33. I love SoCraftastic i always like sharing your videos with my friends
    I would have to say your DIY videos are the BOMB!!!!!
    but saying that i think all your videos are awesome
    totally want to win!!!!!!

  34. Actually I love alllllll of your Videos? but the best is everything. but literally my favorite one is when you do something with duct tapes. i want to see more duct tape thingys. but just please make many videos cause i really love everything? + I'm gonna enter

    P.S: stay pretty. lavyah sarah?

  35. Mari says:

    I love all your Diy videos..all great ideas! would love to enter giveaway 🙂 thank you

  36. powar video says:

    i like all the video i all come on ur channel to see if u have uploaded one and the one i LOVE is the duck tapes on and really i LOVE all of them plz just post more merry christmas and a happy new year
    i am entering the giveaway

  37. Ursula Lund says:

    I LOVE the duck tape videos

  38. Ursula Lund says:

    Thanks for showing what it means (translate from inch too centimeters ishh) whit the inch

  39. I love any type of room decor that you do. And I entered

  40. My favorite videos you make.. is when you make lush or Bath and Body Works products!

    Like if you agree!! I am also entering!!

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