DIY Jewelry & Makeup Storage with Ferrero Rocher Containers

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March 6, 2017
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March 6, 2017

Reuse and Recycle your Ferrero Rocher containers! Transform then into a jewelry or makeup storage with this simple DIY! DON’T USE NAIL POLISH REMOVER.

Ferrero Rocher 48 Count

Home Depot Hinges

Update on How To Safely Remove the Labels




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  1. This is Lily . I love your shows

  2. cyn says:

    In your other video you said polish remover burned the plastic? Does it? It looks fine here.

  3. ommi chika says:

    i did the same in 2009

  4. E N Signer says:

    I kept the chocolate divider base as well, and coloured it with spray paint. It's very useful for keeping my earrings apart. 🙂

  5. great vid i used mine to put nail glitter pots in holds a few i still got the sticker on as i found it hard to take it off now i no how to remove it now thanks 4 sharing i just subbed

  6. amal zuhair says:

    why do Americans call chocolate candy? candy are like sweets while chocolate is chocolate totally different things.

  7. Tia Austin says:

    yaaaaas so creative!! Jesus loves you hun. Kisses!

  8. The way she opened the box tho;)

  9. Catherine S says:

    if you can get hold of it, eucalyptus oil does a good job removing the sticky residue left over by stickers 🙂

  10. Charlinia77 says:

    Why didn't I think of this? Great idea!

  11. A hair dryer on the logo will soften the glue and slowly peel it back, don't burn container it works a treat

  12. ok i .really wpuld love to make this and recycle this item but i CANNOT GET THE LOGO OFF WITH ACETONE / NAIL POLISH REMOVER……ANY OTHER IDEAS

  13. great minds think alot i was givivin 8 empty containers from an store that i would purchase paper products, oils etc from when i first moved here to LAS VEGAS and i layed pink tisssue for layers if say i was using it for my costume necklaces. rings etc. plus the brand is hands down one of my FAVORITE glad you shared

  14. Rose Mary says:

    Omg I love that chocolate!!!Nice video too

  15. Love last scene nothing like being surrounded by choc

  16. I had just reused the box I got for xmas for my individual eye shadows <3 Glad I wasn't alone in doing this lol

  17. Brilliant! I am one of the few people who aren't wild for that candy. Guess I can always give the candy itself away!

  18. sana S says:

    I did this ages ago, before I even used this video. It does help it's good if you want to protect the jewellery

  19. my cryptonite along with Toblerone

  20. Candace F says:

    Great ideas. Next time you want to cut something like that though, if you have a dremel, it would be like slicing through butter with a hot knife.

  21. do i have to make the part of the exacto knife ,,,,, case it seems confusing to me …
    but great idea ! 🙂

  22. hi I recently seen on Facebook that those Chocolate had worn in it,I saw them moving,take a look at them before eating

  23. Abarr B says:

    That's actually pretty cool!

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