Do You Want Affordable Letterpress from a Woman-Owned Business?

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letterpress invites from thomas-printers

Nothing quite sets our hearts aflutter like custom letterpress. When it’s good, it is oh so good. And when it’s affordable, too? OMG, DROP EVERYTHING. And if your wedding planning has hit a wall because you’ve been thinking about how nice it would be to have custom letterpressed invites, but also you have to pay rent and eat and stuff, so you were figuring that dream wasn’t going to happen for you… well. Meet Thomas-Printers, a woman-owned, community-minded print shop founded by Kseniya Thomas. Kseniya is obsessed with ink and paper. She was trained at the print shop of the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany, and co-founded Ladies of Letterpress, a professional organization for both new and experienced printers.

By choosing to work with a printer, you’re getting an awesome product but also supporting an entire ecosystem of other folks: papermakers, plate makers, postal workers, and more. By choosing to work with Thomas-Printers, you get all of that plus the joy of knowing that you’re supporting a woman-owned small business (not to mention amazing quality work and exceptional customer service). They also try to make their process as eco-friendly as possible by using tree-free papers, recycling materials in shop, and using non-toxic cleaners.

letterpress invites from thomas-printers letterpress invites from thomas-printersletterpress invites from thomas-printers

Thomas-Printers is a little different than other stationery companies; they specialize in printing, not design and printing. This is a huge factor in how Kseniya is able to keep her rates so low. And that means: Helloooo options! You can design yourself, work with a designer, or use letterpress-ready designs from our friends at Printable Press. Then, Thomas-Printers will print them out, and voilà, letterpress for everyone!

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of printing: size, quantity, and number of inks used. Every job is different, but on average one hundred 5″ x 7″ invites printed on one hundred percent cotton paper (blank envelopes included) will run you $270 for one ink color, and $360 for two. Letterpress lovers rejoice!

Kseniya says:

We are commercial printers, so ninety-five percent of what we print is designed by our clients. We are always happy to help you with file prep, though, or advise you on what will work with letterpress and what won’t work as well. We pride ourselves on being fast, being friendly, and being fastidious. Printers are known for being finicky about their work, and we keep that in mind with every job we run.

Since every job is different, pricing is dependent on the specifics of a given project. We offer foil stamping, edge painting, custom duplexing, die-cutting, and envelope lining, among many other services, and are always happy to send custom quotes to anyone thinking of making the leap to letterpress. Our project minimum is $195, so contact us with your specifics for a custom quote.

letterpress invites from thomas-printersThomas Printers in Carlisle, PAletterpress invites from thomas-printers

Letterpress attracts a smart, nerdy crowd that sees that it’s more than just run-of-the-mill printing. Which is why Thomas-Printers loves working with APW couples—you guys just get it. Kseniya is thrilled that her customers continue to become more and more daring with their designs, allowing her to push her business creatively. Some of her recent clients had this to say about her:

Oh my goodness: the invitations are gorgeous! I know you work with these kinds of objects all the time, but for me, they took my breath away. I love print, and this reminds me how much. Wow. Thank you so very much for the work—it’s so much more than I expected.

Not only is your work superior, but your response and turn around time was very impressive. Thomas-Printers has completely lived up to its reputation on this job, and I’ll be thrilled to share it with all of my guests. I absolutely recommend Thomas to any who inquire, and look forward to using you again in the future!

Kseniya—the invitations are STUNNING. Yes, I’m using the word “stunning” to describe them. THANK YOU!! Oh my gosh—you are awesome! Ivan LOVED them and it just made us both feel super happy. Can’t tell you enough how much we just totally love them.

letterpress invites from thomas-printersletterpress invites letterpress invites from thomas-printers

If letterpress is your jam, then Thomas-Printers is where it’s at. You’ll get to work with an amazing team, who truly loves their craft all while getting gorgeous, affordable printing. Hit them up for a custom quote, Kseniya will totally work with you to bring your design to life.

Thomas-Printers is offering free shipping to APW couples until June 2017. just mention this post when you contact them.


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