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First Impressions | Black Kittie Jewelry Review & Comparison with HRH Collection, est. 1984| J wong
December 22, 2016
Buying an engagement ring online is a great decision (Blue Nile vs Tiffany & Co)
December 22, 2016

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Embellishment Box is a monthly subscription box containing beautiful and trendy jewellery. Surprise yourself or a gift a loved one, it will brighten up your outfit like nothing else! They also have a ‘Mini Embellishment Box’ – a monthly subscription box of fashion accessories for little girls under age 13. Both boxes are available on http://www.embellishmentbox.com

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  1. really like that necklace n earing. definitely suits u. ?? congrts on 10k

  2. firstly you are looking stunning and amazing video lovee you so muchh xoxo

  3. madjennsy says:

    wow those accessories are very unique :)

  4. Tinas Vlogs says:

    You are looking so pretty in this hairstyle. :-)

  5. Loved that necklace and you are looking so pretty and fresh in this video :)

  6. You totally rocked that jewelry! So pretty!

  7. P Saha says:

    thanks for the review even the previous box you unboxed was looking for these !!

  8. what a pretty box! lovely jewelry

  9. DenDiva says:

    Wow love this box and the chunky necklace is my fav :-)

  10. Pragya Singh says:

    Not only these but every single piece of jewellery luks fabbbb on u ..whatever u wear
    there's something very special in u. :* stay beautiful grl

  11. I like that u don't yak on and on like 90% of the Indian YouTubers. quick and to the point.

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