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January 25, 2017
25 Wedding Cake Ideas That Will Make You Hungry
January 25, 2017

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  1. Hilda Torres says:

    wow me gustan muchos tus videos …eres muy buena decorando tus postres.

  2. Rene Roberts says:

    so precious! I love your work!

  3. That was awesome! You're my new fav channel!

  4. Muchas gracias por su tutorial me encanto

  5. hawaomar100 says:

    the ring looks so real. very creative way to make it look so realistic! !!

  6. you arn't the crazy cat lady I have 40 really sweet indoor/outdoor cats

  7. you have wonderfol idee.God bless you

  8. o my i wonder of the love and patience you have for this work. awsome i love it. keep on going.
    wish you and your familie a wonderfull 2016

  9. TheLuluKan says:

    Thanks for this awsome idea, I really love your vids. A big kiss from Spain!

  10. Jan W. says:

    It's a magical ring! It changed from silver to gold! 🙂 🙂 🙂 That's a cute topper!

  11. This is fantastic! Is there a way to colour the sugar to make coloured stones?

  12. Nicola Straw says:

    Wow that's fantastic, love everything about it, what more could a girl ask for..red velvet, chocolate shiny diamonds!!

  13. So cute Gretchen I loved it!

  14. This is amazing! You are so creative, well done :)

  15. Jazzy375 says:

    Gretchen it doesn't matter what's on the outside, if the inside is delicious! Also the outside too! Lol

  16. Soooooo pretty. Makes me wish I was proposing and not a high school student, lol.

  17. Maddy E says:

    Been watching you since Steph filmed your videos, such a long time ago!

  18. Anja work says:

    this is beautiful, you are very artistic

  19. You forgot to cut the mousse cake lol joking btw looks stunning!:)

  20. Febina Ku says:

    can u do a lemon cake

  21. white chocolate squares with red accents would be cute to for Valentines day to. I would also put some white frosting on the cake sprinkled with luster dust to stick the ring on top, so they could eat the cake (not plain) also if you wanted to dye the sugar pink you could make a heart shaped jewel for the ring.

  22. loved the video tutorial bravo

  23. Gretchen you blew me out the box girl! what A unique idea that ring is fabulous and yummy, I can't believe it's all edible!

  24. Your introductions are always great Gretchen! 😀
    I love this video though, you speak so clearly and the content is amazing 🙂 x

  25. Renee Conner says:

    This is awesome! So clever, I love it :)

  26. Anaa Sweet says:

    its so cool… i just love it

  27. Laura Varela says:

    What an AWESOME tutorial Gretchen! LOVED it! <3

  28. Lo says:

    That is beyond brilliant! I love it. Imagine putting the real ring in one. Finger on ring. Chocolate delight in mouth. Perfect.?

  29. this is so cool, Gretchen!! you have the greatest ideas! I've loved your videos ever since you have had the bakery??

  30. This is GORGEOUS HUN!!!!!!

  31. I love your creations! You are amazing! This chocolate box is so beautiful it makes you want to keep it forever and not eat it hahhahaha xoxoxoxo

  32. that looks really delicious

  33. yasmeen sham says:

    oh Gretchen as usual you make something special .Please could you tell me what is better for making jewelry using isomelt or your recipe ???thanks for your help

  34. Bella B says:

    Hey Gretchen! I spent an hour looking for your bakery channel! I remembered the ice cream cake video so, I kept searching it but nothing familiar came up. I then searched bakerys in NJ. (I remembered that your bakery was in NJ, I am also from Jersey) Then this channel popped up, I thought you looked familiar so, I looked in the comments and someone named the name of your bakery. I was so happy I found you! You are such a great baker, keep at it :)

  35. OMG I remember you from super-old videos in a bakery with a shaky camera laughing all the time!!!! I watched tons back then, and that was before I even had an account and knew I could subscribe… But this here is neat. It's different. I think I learned a few cake tricks from way back then. Wow, I like it here. I'll subscribe :)

  36. CakeAngel says:

    thanks Gretchen for the tut!

  37. How dare they take your creativity and use it as their own!  It makes me @#$% mad!  This was such a nice way of saying "I do".  You could actually put a real ring instead of the gum paste one.  What a great use of chocolate besides eating it!  You rock girlfriend!

  38. I love Chocolate Ring with Jewelry and I'm going to see it.LOL

  39. you are an artist pretty lady?

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