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December 16, 2016
Best Winter Proposal Ideas
December 16, 2016

Get a rare look inside a jewelry factory and see how custom diamond engagement rings are made from design, to a 3D-printed model, stone setting, polishing and laser engraving.



  1. David Maras says:

    What! 3d printing? According to cnn that's only for making machine guns!

  2. gamexd100 says:

    @spetzist it can be a surprise but some people would like to pick it out together so they will both enjoy it…hope that helps:)

  3. "It's exactly what she wanted"… seriously? Aren't engagements supposed to be a surprise, not a planned, scheduled event?

  4. Jarret H. says:

    The Marriage Scam: Fueling Consumerism Worldwide™

  5. So I've trying to make a ring for my girlfriend using some raw steel and multi-colored geodes.  Does any one know how the smaller side diamonds are held into the ring?
    I know that the large center diamond is held in by those four prongs but what holds the side diamonds in?
    Any ideas?

  6. I don't care @ all for diamonds.  strange huh ?  It's just I like the colored stones MUCH better.  8–)

  7. pspjerry says:

    how did he get a hot girl like that?

  8. It's really very nice

  9. Khaled Faruq says:

    wow, nice presentation

  10. Rosy Daryl says:

    If you are planning for your wedding then we suggest you to explore Online Kathana Store to buy the best diamond engagement rings.

  11. Graff diamonds are far better than that

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