Fiance On $130 Engagement Ring: ‘We Should Stop Focusing On Things’

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December 24, 2016
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December 24, 2016

A woman is speaking out after she claims her $130 engagement ring was ridiculed by a jewelry store employee in front of her fiance. Ariel McRae became a viral sensation after her Facebook post described how her husband-to-be, Quinn, was made to feel ashamed for his choice of ring. “He looked so defeated and it really broke my heart,” she told Inside Edition. She is now speaking out about how the person who proposes is important, not the ring itself.



  1. Anik Alam says:

    She's a keeper fam.

  2. I only wanna spend like £50 ????

  3. Hope Garcia says:

    it's sooooo pretty!!!!???

  4. beautycutie says:

    I think it's pretty

  5. its buetiful for real

  6. Mark Zepthix says:

    that store employee who said it was pathetic to buy a cheap ring is a retarded materialistic jackass

  7. I love the ring. Its beautiful. Very simple but still beautiful. I love the little pearl.

  8. Lexus Gaming says:

    First of all, that is a beautiful ring
    Second of all love isn't money or the other way around

  9. Molly Pyne says:

    The ring is beautiful and that employee had no right to criticize it! She should be fired for her rudeness!

  10. oh the jeweler tried to upsell you? strange

  11. pathetic if some1 say dat 2 me I'd rko tha foo

  12. Aly Moon says:

    The love is what matters.

  13. TheDodicat says:

    19 years ago I bought my now wife an $7500 ring which at the time took me two years to get it.
    She liked it but didn't like how much I spent on it (she found the receipt after I refused to tell her).
    She demanded I return it for a less costly ring in which I did and she was more happier with a $800 ring instead of the original.
    We used all the left over money for our wedding which helped us tremendously.
    I'm so happy I have a frugal wife.?

  14. That beutifull so true

  15. You know what's a little ironic? She works in a jewelry store. She thinks she's so much better than that couple, but she's working a job anyone could do. If I were pandora, I would have made the uppity woman pay for a ring of the couple's choice out of her paycheck.

  16. wow that person should be fired. that ring is beautiful and my boyfriend, I told him to never spend more than $300 on a ring when he ever proposes to me because its such a waste of money and super materialistic. I don't even care what ring he picks out because he's my best friend and the love of my life. its sad how that person is so brainwashed they think you need to spend $1000+ on one ring

  17. It's my parents anniversary today and back then my parents didn't have that much money so they couldn't get the wedding band of their dreams but now that my family gave a high stable income, my dad bought my mom the wedding band of their dreams. 21 years my parents

  18. FDB says:

    Got my woman a $25,000 ring and she wasn't happy so we exchanged it for a $33,000 ring. She's much happier now. Glad she ain't picky

  19. Emma J says:

    i love hearing everyones stories omg aw

  20. My aunt brought her own ring for $20 and it has a huge "diamond" and sparkles and it's beautiful. She's had it for 7 years now and it still looks new. So I don't understand why some people need to spend thousands of dollars on a ring that looks just like one that costs $20 when that money could go into the wedding or having a fantastic honey moon or planning for the future.

  21. c f says:

    I love the ring! love is all that matters

  22. Megan L says:

    The ring ? is beautiful. wow how could that cashier say that ??

  23. Nancy Guzman says:

    The lady that made the comment probably doesn't even have a man lol

  24. Happy anniversary! My parents immigrated here from Germany and my dad didn't get an engagement ring for my mom until coming here, even though they'd already been engaged for 3 months. I'm happy to say they've been married for 29 years ?

  25. It's a beautiful ring,and there's no point in spending so much money on it,they have a strong love and that's all that matters ❤️

  26. Carlos Rojo says:

    Pandora can suck it go to Kay jewelers better

  27. Chi Xiao says:

    The amount of the ring will never matter as long as its coming from the right person :)

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