First Impressions | Black Kittie Jewelry Review & Comparison with HRH Collection, est. 1984| J wong

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December 22, 2016
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December 22, 2016

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  1. Soleilll says:

    can you do an updated foundation routine? :)

  2. chavira256 says:

    I for one always appreciate your reviews! It helps when shopping around for these types of styles. Do you have a link to the Black Kitty website?
    BTW~your winged liner is "on point!!" How about a tutorial?

  3. Your hair looks amazing, BTW. As for Black Kittie, they seem to have some interesting crystals. In colors I've never seen before.

  4. MsStacey717 says:

    I purchased two lariats and tattoo choker from Black Kittie! Her quality is very comparable to HRH but the price is SO MUCH BETTER!! I got 3items from Black Kittie for the price of 1-2 items from HRH. I have a coco link bracelet similar to yours with a matching necklace from Love Andreas Closet that I bought last year. Price was good but quality was NOT comparable to Black Kittie or HRH. I do not have any items from Est 1984 or Stackable Sweets. Great Review!!

  5. MsStacey717 says:

    Quick question…did you alter the size of your bracelets or did you order them as standard 6 inches?

  6. Jennifer Koo says:

    Does black kittie have the same quality as hrh?

  7. Black Kittie's pieces seem actually look better than hrh. Thank you for your review, it's very useful.

  8. Terrible lighting again!

  9. Actually your Black kitty piece is designed exactly the same as my HRH pieces with the same size crystal…with the one wire at the back, not two. Thats a great deal for the quality!

  10. Elsie Tsui says:

    Thanks for sharing – the video is useful! I wonder if you could also review/compare Black Kittie with Love Andrea?

  11. Kim CG says:

    Uuuuugh, of course the Black Kitty shop is "taking a break" when I find this video. -__- Thank you SO much for your reviews! It's helping me shop without having to buy/ship/compare myself. ;)

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