Gel-a-Peel Jewelry Maker Neon Colors Kit! Neon Bracelets and Cuffs DIY

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January 28, 2017
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January 28, 2017

Gel a Peel Jewelry Maker Neon Colors Kit! Make your own jewelry and accessories with this silicone gel craft set! It is for ages 8 and up and comes with 3 neon gel pens to create DIY jewelry!

Gel-A-Peel Deluxe Kit!

DIY videos!

How To videos!

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Music is Electro Cabello and Fretless from Kevin McLeod, creative commons license 3.0 and Lay It Down, Cheerful Morning and Kids Having Fun from



  1. plz do the earrings they look really cool:)

  2. where did you get it

  3. make the earrings

  4. Adina Brown says:

    Make some earrings PLEASE

  5. Earrings! I want 2 see that!

  6. Slime Maker says:

    That looks so cool ??

  7. I am from saudi arabia

  8. Latoya Lee says:

    Make some of the earrings

  9. can u do the emoji earings

  10. can you do earnings please thanks

  11. Plz make a DIY edible Gel-A-Peel!!!!!!!

  12. can you do the earrings

  13. where do you find that in new Jersey

  14. Summer Apgar says:

    On the second bracelet she made she should have just done all the yellow first then all of the pink so she didn't have to keep switching colors

  15. DO THE EARINGS!!!!!!!??

  16. toy reviews for you i want you to make the earrings

  17. meme whitson says:

    can u make ear rings o and
    can u answer questions

  18. You should make the earrings

  19. It's like delicious pudding!!

  20. I want one of those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. can you bake a cake

  22. Kelli Campos says:

    Can't you do the sparkle kit please!

  23. Gel-a-Peel says:

    ♥ Awesome! ♥

  24. u messed up it said try the beaded or spike effect

  25. James Smith says:

    can you tell me the music please i love it

  26. Lynx Huynh says:

    In her gel a peel videos she never does the beaded effects.

  27. mahim pritom says:

    where can you get thid

  28. Yanyan cao says:

    Please do the earrings

  29. please make the emoi earnings

  30. Awesome Awesome Awesome! + # Mixie Mixie

  31. Zakir Sayed says:

    I love neon pink and yellow

  32. me 234 says:

    Did you get that from Argos

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