Gel-A-Peel Sparkle Gel Silicone Pens! Deluxe Set DIY Craft Jewelry Maker

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December 14, 2016
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December 14, 2016

New Gel-A-Peel Silicone Pens to make your own jewelry! The deluxe set comes with 5 different gel pens, several design templates, jewelry accessories and more! The set can be found at Target or Toys R Us and retails for $29.99

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  1. Nere Estrada says:

    were did you get it

  2. Vickie Cade says:


  3. I am so happy because I am making it with you

  4. I really want one of those

  5. hey hey wait!!!!! I am Egyptian omg .

    that reminds me of old pharaoh jewllery parts and gold its just cool . keep going

    you got a new subbie and huge thumb up

    ……………….. ………………..


    enjoy your day.'3' ;-0 :()

  6. PinElenapple says:


  7. Dhruvi Patel says:

    Love that product

  8. if anyone buy gel a peel i think she or he could be fabulous

  9. Make a headband please

  10. This bitch be trippin

  11. Sue-J North says:

    does it break easily

  12. demita Pham says:

    man you should grow up old lady

  13. its called a rake tip stupid it says it on the paper

  14. so it is pretty mich puffy paint?

  15. Traci Oliver says:

    I had one of those in my video you can go at it Raheem Stallings but I didn't know what to do with it so I just made it a lip gloss and thanks for telling me now I know how to do it and just thanks for making this video or else I wouldn't know what to do with it but now I do .

  16. I really want this set

  17. my sister had 40of them

  18. I really want it but I can't afford it?

  19. persons1992 says:

    this stuff does not I got for my birthday and it broke easily DO NOT GET IT

  20. Gel – a – peel!

  21. Sarah can we buy this online from you? Mehak here

  22. Lynx Huynh says:

    I love your videos so much that I subscribe! ? Please reply back?

  23. Unicorn Crew says:

    what do they feel like

  24. Diamond Diva says:

    Sparkly sea foam I'd my favourite colour

  25. Shan Elahi says:

    where. we can buy gel a peel

  26. Shan Elahi says:

    where we get gel a peel in Pakistan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me

  27. where it at please tell me tomorrow

  28. I want to see more videos of gel-a-peel

  29. I. want. to. see. more. videos. of. gel-a-peel

  30. hey Robinson says:

    i like this gel a peel this is Rebekah

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