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December 16, 2016
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December 16, 2016

Stuart Kettell the Groom completely fools his best man when he pretends that he has forgotten the wedding rings, shocking the entire congregation as he runs out of church. Then a screen shows his antics going home to retrieve them.
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  1. sheila Omer says:

    unforgettable memory!

  2. Wow, Phenomenal!!! Epic!!!

  3. Soopernova01 says:

    not a prank, just legendary :D

  4. Just awsome i want to do this

  5. steven 24k says:

    You should become an actor

  6. That was great! Viral in denmark, good job :)

  7. Mark says:


  8. Hi Stuart, I work at Newsflare – a leading video agency. We would love to work with your video and share it with our media clients. Please contact me at for more information. Thanks!

  9. This is great! 😀 Its the best wedding prank i've seen in long :D

  10. letgo1120 says:

    Uh so whos being pranked? The bride?

  11. What a perfect husband with such a sense of humor!! You're a genius and quite the catch!!!

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