Gummy jewelry! Gummy bracelets, rings, gems! | Kid Candy Review | Babyteeth4

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December 15, 2016
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December 15, 2016

Gummy jewelry! Gummy bracelets, rings, gems! The kids review and eat the latest in Gummy candy fashion! Kid Candy Review
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Babyteeth4 is home to the number one kids candy review show in the world, Kid Candy Review, starring Jillian and Addie! There is no better way to know if your child, or maybe even yourself, will like a certain candy without proper candy reviews. What is more honest than kids reviewing candy, a taste test, or kids try candy for the first time? That’s where Babyteeth4 comes in. They’re here to bring you the best candy the world has to offer. Subscribe for reviews on Goo candy, M&Ms, Crown candy, and Halloween candy hauls. Some of their best candy reviews include My Little Pony Cake, Japanese candy boxes, and Japanese candy kits like Popin Cookin. Whether it’s a candy challenge like the sour candy challenge or chubby bunny you’re sure to enjoy Babyteeth4’s laugh out loud kid candy review videos.

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Welcome to the official Babyteeth4 YouTube channel, home of the number one kid candy review show in the world, starring 10-year-old and 8-year-old sisters Jillian & Addie! This dynamic duo has been sharing kid candy reviews, DIY candy projects (How to make Gummy candy), and candy taste tests since 2008. If you’re looking for a kid candy review on Warheads, wondering what a gummy tongue taste like, or a hot ice chips candy review Babyteeth4 is the channel for you. Not only is Babyteeth4 obsessed with candy they love a good Japanese snack or and Japanese candy box! Every Friday is Kawaii day. Let Jillian and Addie be your tour guide as they review Japanese candy like Japanese Ramune Soda Pop and Popin Cookin Sushi! Don’t worry toy unboxing fans Babyteeth4 has you covered there as well. From Barbie Reviews, Play Doh Reviews, Lego Reviews, to Kinder Surprise Eggs these two are posting girls toy reviews and toy unboxings every Tuesday. Subscribe to Babyteeth4 and join the adventures of Jillian and Addie!



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  5. how old are they

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  10. Olivia Nore says:

    Hey Julian & Addie!
    I love your videos so much you two are adorable. I have a question for you and I wonder if you could answer?
    "What is your all-time favourite candy – ( or sweets as I'm from England)
    From your Friend, Olivia xxx ✨

  11. Sharp Raptor says:

    Do a candy challenge to see who's full first when you hit a million subscribers!

  12. daz ryt says:

    Everyone knows that "See's Candies" are the best. So, why not do a show on the the standard 2 pound box or something, just saying, why have a show about candy and not mention the best? Love the show, keep it up! Heres a challenge, buy some See's and keep the parents outta the box, hard to do.

  13. Where did you get the gummy chains

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    I love candy it's yummy

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  22. I love jewelry because it's my style,my life and it makes people beautiful and pretty

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