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February 24, 2017
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February 24, 2017


  1. Daniel Lewis says:

    Are you in your own place, or a factory?

  2. Rosy Daryl says:

    Get the engagement rings in your budget and feel joy to put it in your finger. Explore latest jewellery with Kathana.

  3. Enjoyed watching the process. The only criticism was at the end.
    Didn't show the end result long enough and perhaps show the ring
    on a turning display so as to see it all. However it really was great to
    see the whole process in action. I wouldn't say the work is easy.

  4. Where did you learn to do this extremely beautiful craft? I am really interested in taking it up.

  5. Daniel Gong says:

    nice craftsmanship! Question about the diamond's property, when you were sawing off the prongs with diamonds sitting in it, would u touch the diamond with your saw blade accidentally? If you do, will that leave any scratch marks on the diamond?

  6. Daniel Khong says:

    Filmed and made beautifully.

  7. thanks 4 sharing .. 💟💟💟

  8. Turel12399 says:

    dont you worry about damaging the gem when you cut so close to it?

  9. Shaker66 says:

    Hi what was the ct on the diamond?  Do you recall?

  10. ADSlammer says:

    what the brown putty you used to hold in place when you were drilling the details

  11. Karen Smith says:

    Gorgeous! Do you take private customers?

  12. simply gorgeous!!! amazing details in your art form. i love all the videos seeing all the details go into it. just stunning. great work.

  13. Birki gts says:

    What are you using to solder the pieces together?

  14. Absolutely love your work.

  15. Very interesting! I think I'd love to make rings, nice to see the tools you use and some self made and improvised tools. I Feel for you cutting into your thumb but if that's what it takes to get a firm grip then it has to be. Beautifull end result! Thank you for sharing!

  16. maria arroyo says:

    np thank to you four the best videos

  17. TheRichjrr6 says:

    Beautiful ring and wonderful craftsman ship. How can I purchase one?

  18. 林明鋒 says:


  19. Marco Polo says:

    You're probably the same age as me because all the great music of my time. I love


  21. meded moon says:

    Good to know people are still interested in hand crafted jewery and not mass produced bull shit.

  22. ARS32z says:

    Эммммм…. хрень

  23. What do you do with Simons scraps

  24. No problem ps cold i get a shout out to both my chanels?

  25. Amazing work! Could you tell me what the name of the song is that starts at 3:01? Thank you!

  26. Dylan Sewald says:

    Is that an old mainspring from a clock that you use to solder on?

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