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December 21, 2016
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December 21, 2016

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Buying a diamond ring is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, so get the most bling for your buck.

Step 1: Suss out her taste
Casually comment on someone else’s engagement ring; that should prompt her to describe what she likes. Or ask her loved ones for advice.

Step 2: Consider her personality
Take into account her personality and the jewelry she already owns. Does she like modern jewelry, or does she prefer antique and estate pieces? Does she like showy baubles or simple stuff? Is she a traditionalist, or does she strive to be unique?

Step 3: Pick a shape
Pick a shape. Choices include round, square, radiant, emerald, pear, marquise, princess, cushion, Asscher, and heart-shaped. The princess and radiant cuts are more forgiving of flaws than the emerald and the Asscher.

Beware of buying shapes other than round ones online. Many, like pear and marquise, are prone to certain cutting flaws that are obvious to the naked eye but not necessarily evident from the information contained in the grading report provided by the seller.

Step 4: Think about carat size
Think about the size of the diamond you want—or, more to the point, the size she finds acceptable! Diamonds are measured in carats, one carat being about the size of a green pea.

Step 5: Consider color
Consider color. Color is graded from D (colorless) to Z, with colorless being the most valuable. Diamonds graded N and below are noticeably yellow.

Step 6: Decide on clarity
Decide on the level of clarity you are willing to pay for. The choices range from FL (flawless) to I3 (included). Almost all diamonds have flaws, or inclusions; the trick is to find one whose flaws are least visible to the naked eye.

Step 7: Choose your cut
‘Cut’ refers to the reflective quality of the diamond. Cut grades range from ‘ideal,’ assigned to diamonds that reflect the most light, to ‘fair and poor,’ for diamonds that reflect only a small proportion of light.

The cut is perhaps the most important of the four Cs. A good cut, which is determined by the angles and finish, is what gives a diamond its brilliance.

Step 8: Consider the setting
Consider the setting, which determines the center stone’s height. Choices include prong, bezel, channel, pavé, cluster, and flush. A cluster setting, with many small diamonds around the main stone, can result in a tall ring; a flush setting provides a more understated look.

Step 9: Pick a band
Choose which metal you want for the band. Platinum is the most expensive but also the most popular because of its durability. Other choices include white gold, yellow gold, titanium, and palladium.

White gold needs to be replated every few years to retain its polish.

Step 10: Get a grading report
Before buying a ring, ask the jeweler for the grading report—a certificate filed by an independent gemological lab that confirms the carats, color, clarity, and cut. If the jeweler says he can’t or won’t get one, walk away.

Do some comparison shopping. Sometimes a warehouse store can offer the same quality jewelry as a retail shop, at deep discounts.

Step 11: Haggle
Don’t be afraid to haggle: You’re expected to negotiate when buying an engagement ring. Most jewelry stores mark up their diamonds by a whopping 100 percent, so there’s plenty of wiggle room—especially if the salesperson’s choice is between a small commission and none at all.

Did You Know?
Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor a 69-carat diamond ring.



  1. Mario F. says:

    at the end of the day a ring is just a fucking stone which makes millions of africans suffer and makes this a more materialistic society, i'll get my fiance a nice ring i can afford without killing all my money and she is ok with it and i'm 18 so it isn't the best one out there but what matters is u gave ur best and gave it with love, if the girl can't accept that then she is the wrong girl. respond to your and do you really want to be cheap on the ring for the one you love?

  2. Morgan Kelly says:

    well….. thats only if it a blood diamond, and big chains dont sell those. So just go to tiffany&co. and then you can get her the ring she has always wanted, and you dont have to kill small african children
    win win i'd say

  3. Sharod101 says:

    @tanzarian777 its not a matter of being cheap, its a matter of what you can and cannot afford.

    if your yearly income is 22,000 (the avg regional pilot or new police officer) your not going to buy an 10,000 dollar ring, you'll end up throwing yourself off, and i'd much rather live happy with a girl who had a ring i can afford than live one where she's got a nice ring and you guys are living in a ghetto and at the edge of foreclosure.

  4. Sharod101 says:


    but if your making 120,000 yearly, an 18-20,000 dollar ring shouldn't be too bad at all to afford, in that case your not suppose to be arguing for 10,000 or 2000.

  5. Fred O says:

    @Sharod101 i just bought a ring that wasnt too fancy, was a little expensive but not too flashy. if you have a decent girl, she wont care at all how much money you spent on a fucking ring, its the reason why youre buying the ring for her thats the most important. a girl who thinks a ring is too small is a cunt.

  6. how to buy and engagement ring : buy it with money

  7. my cousin proposed to his girlfriend with a ring pop, it was cherry, she said yes:]

  8. If anyone sees this my friend katie and steven are trying to get a engagement ring if you could vote them up simongjewelry(Insert Dot com here) /sweepstakes/272/ you would be doing a righteous favor for them .

    Thanks to the people doing it.

  9. Tom Duffin says:

    If you don't know your soon-to-be fiance well enough to pick an engagement for them without having to look up advice from a video on youtube.. you really shouldn't be marrying them..

  10. You'd think one of the things they'd mention is getting her ring size. Who cares if it's a platinum princess cut diamond when she can't even get it on her finger!

  11. doesn't the ring's size matter too? you don't want your girl's ring to fall off because it's too big or cut off her circulation because it's too small

  12. Revvv says:

    I'm selling a ring worth $27,700 on ebay and I'm willing to consider all offers if anyone is interested.

  13. Rich Lo says:

    honestly..I have been looking all over..bluenile, james allen, up allot..I know you can go to a pawnshop and rediculous prices. The other day I took a ring with some small diamonds to sell at a jeweler – it had no value to me honestly since it was given to me by the biggest cheater of my life – nevertheless..The guy had a tone of beautiful diamond rings in white gold – some engagement – and I fell in love with one of them – hopefully its not gone in a week or two cause im buying it.

  14. LadyBUGG1213 says:

    @kilahchris My only objection is that if you spend four careful that you have a quality diamond..if the diamond has cuts or odd grooves or is just a bad color..i can honestly say i won't be too happy about that..

  15. LadyBUGG1213 says:

    Okay, the Pave ring that they showed wasn't a great example..if your hesitant about pave because of what the video showed, look up a vintage pave look, it's quite a bit different from what was shown and, in my opinion, is worth looking at. I sold jewelry before I moved and a lot of women liked either pave or solitaire rings–hope i help someone lol

  16. LadyBUGG1213 says:

    @darkangelfinn9 it does, but you can always get it sent out if s/he says yes..

  17. LadyBUGG1213 says:

    Ooh! Also, With white gold rings, you want to get it re-dipped, re-plated, whatever you want to call it, at least once a year..if you have a warranty that covers that, get it done about twice a year

  18. @kilahchris if my boyfriend did that to me I'd feel insulted.You can gauge another person's character in how he/she treats other people, if she is overly worried about keeping up with the latest trends and the "Jonses," and if she scorns the simpler things in life. If you haven't found out her character beforehand, then you shouldn't be thinking of marriage in the first place. jmo

  19. @kilahchris Thanks for educating an American woman that American women are shallow hussies with an entitlement complex. It's true that the media perpetuates an idea of what an "ideal" life would be, but the ring means different things for different people. For some, the ring's economic status,for others, it's commitment. What I don't like is deception, saying it's a diamond when it's not. don't bankrupt yourself, but don't be cheap either. it doesn't need to be a diamond, but show some thought.

  20. @kilahchris I still disagree. There are other ways of testing her character. Oh well–let's agree to disagree.

  21. Rosa Liso says:

    I have a little question, is it okay for the girl to choose the wedding rings and propose to the guy..? And does it even have to be a ring or could it be something else you propose with?

  22. salamane13 says:

    You get what you pay for. A warehouse store does not necessarily have the 'same' jewelry as a trustworthy jeweler. Has the piece been hollowed out or used lower quality diamonds? May-be the store just doesn't provide service – a lifetime of cleaning & checking your ring, or even a free sizing! Fails to mention seeing if your jeweler is reputable; a member of AGS? JA? And certainly not ALL jewelers have ridiculous markups. For many diamonds/engagement are the lowest markup in the whole store!

  23. 18wheeler76 says:

    "investment" yea right lol

  24. voilntlyplay says:

    i'm 16 years old and i loved her with all my heart,when she's turn 17 i'm going to engage her like a man.. Because u can't run away from ur fate now do you? 🙂 just wish me luck…

  25. DarkRaen says:

    You can always get rings resized.. but yeah I agree, ring size would be the common sense thing to do. But preferably in a secretive way.

  26. Shirley Le says:

    2 steps
    1.Go to the store
    2.Buy the ring

  27. Alina says:

    haggle? what is this – a street vendor selling diamond rings? no, just no

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