How To Buy “Bling” | Diamond Buying Tips for Dudes | Engagement Ring Shopping Tutorial

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December 17, 2016
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Alpha has never been more confused and out of his comfort zone than when he bought his wife’s engagement ring. He had zero idea what to expect, what he was looking at, what it should cost, or if he was getting ripped off. Clarity, color, setting, budget!? He had no idea! All he wanted was a diamond ring!

In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro has teamed up with leading online diamond bridal jeweler to help viewers understand the diamond buying process including what you’re looking for, why you’re looking for it, and the different aspects of buying a diamond. Tips to save some cash are also given. The goals is to give you enough info so you know what you’re doing when you shop for some bling.

Alpha doesn’t understand the allure of diamonds. Women lose their mind over them, however. When’s the last time when you were sitting with your girl when she exclaims, “OMG, did you see the size of that ring!?”

Diamond Buying Basics

First, determine the diamonds shape. Alpha discusses each with a chart and recommends selecting ’round’ because it’s always in style & in vogue, and she’ll always love it. Other options are emerald cut , princess cut, heart, radiant, oval, marquise, asscher, and pear.

Next the four Cs are discussed:

Color – colorless is the best quality with near colorless next to the best (D,E,F,G,H). Slightly tinted, faint yellow, very light yellow, and light yellow round out the not desirable (I – Z).
Clarity – inclusions are spots that are out-of-place and less clear. The less inclusions, the more expensive the diamond. Alpha discusses with a chart (IF, VVS1, VS1, SI1, I1)
Cut – Alpha discusses the versions which dictate what the diamond looks like. The sparkle is more lustrous from the ‘ideal’ cut diamond: very shallow, shallow, ideal, deep, very deep).
Carat – the carat is the weight of the diamond and correlates to the size of the diamond.

The setting is the band and prongs that the diamond is set-in and can make the diamond look 20% larger. Buy what you can afford. Set your budget and upgrade later. Buying online can afford you a bigger diamond at a lower price.

Great Resource and Educational Tool

A great resource and educational tool is They have over 70K conflict-free diamonds to choose from. You set all of your criteria, such as diamond cut and clarity, and your results are revealed. shows you the actual diamonds that you can chose from with their HD 360° view of their diamonds– zoomed up to 40x magnification! They also have gem stones and wedding bands. Buying online with a site like is 30-50% cheaper than regular retailers. offers a 100% 30-day money back guarantee. Their sales associates are non-commissioned and available 24/7. Each purchase comes with a life-time warranty, and you can get your ring resized for free.



  1. Michael Vega says:

    dude what the helll i just bought an engagement ring the other day i really really think your stalking me now

  2. Should do more alpha ambush

  3. Sam The man says:

    Actually really useful video, thanks man

  4. Hussain Hani says:

    God bless you for this video i really needed this

  5. deyo1013 says:

    From my experience, I tend to pay the most attention to mathematical accuracy of the cut and the color quality as these two factors have had most impact the brilliance and how the diamond fires off light (and ultimately influenced my buying decision). The inclusions are not noticeable with the naked eye. so they are less of a concern for me depending where there fall in the range (VVS to VS etc). I also recommend staying away from high street retailers (like Tiffany) as you will be paying a significantly more just for the branding. However, use there standards as a guide for purchasing. I would avoid online purchasing and prefer to go in person and pick the stone that stands out to you. You could have two stones that are (on paper) identical, however, one might just stand out to you more than the other because of the cut or colour etc… and ultimately how it fires off the light (know as scintillation). I recently purchased an engagement ring and had this dilemma and, to be honest, i went with a slightly smaller carat size just because the stone reflected the light better than the slightly larger stone (my eyes kept gravitating towards the slightly smaller stone). Guys, at the end of the day buy within your budget but buy a stone that reflects the light best (quality over quantity). When your girl puts here stone up against her friends, the shiniest stone will always look best. My fiance's stone shines like crazy and constantly is complimented. DO YOUR RESEARCH and negotiate. There are tons of wholesalers out there so make them compete! Any good wholesaler will explain the diamond to you. They bought the diamond for a reason and make sure they explain why they invested their money into the stone. If a retailer or whole sale retailer doesn't educate you, find someone else. BIGGER does not mean better with gems.

  6. Ana says:

    Sigh… I'm a woman and I give zero rats' asses about diamonds. but sadly I know I'm the exception. A few things, if you do want to get a lady a diamond:

    1. Do your research and make sure you're not buying a blood diamond. Yes, they are still being sold and in fact about 25% of diamonds on the market in the US are blood diamonds. Please don't buy a stupid shiny rock that some kid had their arm cut off for. James Allen say their diamonds are conflict-free, but do your research just in case.

    2. Thanks to science, "lab diamonds" can now be manufactured, out of plain ol' carbon, for a fraction of the price. They are identical to mined diamonds, except they can be made far more flawless and more consistent for far less money. They're still overpriced for being shiny rocks, but not quite as obscenely overpriced as monopolized mined diamonds.

    3. Don't assume your girlfriend is a complete nutjob about shiny stones. Do both of you a favour and talk to her about what she cares about in a ring. Or, if you're trying to be subtle and surprise her, talk to her friends before you spend an absurd amount of money on something she might not love.


  8. Chris C says:

    This is the worst advice you've ever given. I've been subscribed for a good 5 years now and have loved every video but you really sold out and missed it on this one. Shopping online is the most popular and I understand getting an education before shopping for an expensive item. But there's no reason to ever buy an engagement ring online that is the most un-gentleman thing in the world. Coming from a "Gentleman" and a "Alpha" like yourself I cannot believe you would recommend this to anyone. I guarantee you ended up buying in-store and your wife is VERY happy with her ring that you actually but some effort into finding.

  9. The only tip is that you should let her choose it.

  10. What do you prefer Gold or Platinum?

  11. Ezra James says:

    Alpha, how should i wear or pair up a sweater and a dress shirt?

  12. notforvideos says:

    Aaron can you do a video on Earrings.
    Like whether to wear 'em all the time, what alloys? Stuff like that.
    It would be much appreciated.

  13. kian825 says:

    Where can a get a pair of those simple silver earrings? I need that lmao

  14. Speaking from woman's perspective…. Ask the woman what she wants! She's going to wear it for a LONG time…. Unless you KNOW she's the kind of girl who likes to be surprised, let her shop with you. Besides, you might find she could care less about clarity and quality–and save you a boatload of money ; )

  15. utubeit101 says:

    Pro tip – buy a high quality estate engagement ring (the diamond only), get it apprised by GIA, and then buy a new setting. You'll save literally thousands and it will look new and be certified.

  16. Buy bling for who, and why should we feel motivated to buy it for them? 

  17. Cryo1147 says:

    Will you make "How to be a good host" and "how to be a good guest" ?

  18. DAV URGE says:

    lab grown diamonds or buy a diamond from pawn shop and desin setting…

  19. Alex ledesma says:

    thank so much im not a mams boy but i. thats the only woman i love and thats going to help me buy her somevnice things thans alpha

  20. Alex ledesma says:

    hes the best my dads cool an all but i leard how to be a gentlemen form you a lot of people ask who raised ne up to be like that and i say alpha my dad dont know u are my secret to success

  21. I thought you were gonna talk about how guys should go about buying watches, rings, perhaps chains for MEN to use. Do you have any videos/advice for that?


  23. diamond are worthless, i cant cuff a girl who doesn't know true value. trynna get that chicken

  24. Ganso Goose says:

    I though that the in-between colors were the least expensive and the whitest and yellowest were the most expensive.

  25. Vlad Popa says:

    Could you make a video on accesories like rings, necklaces, braces for men, what to buy and what to avoid?

  26. AproLogic says:

    People are saying diamonds are scam dont buy them. Really?
    Its not like you buy 10 wedding rings in a lifetime.
    Wouldnt you pay that amount of money to make the woman you love happy?

    Also, everything is scam. Every food, electronic device, furniture, clothing.. anything you buy is a rip off.
    Especially clothings and electronics. You think those Timberland boots are worth 200$? That blazer jacket is 250$? They probably make like %900 profit from each.

  27. Hey, I'm just curious. What's the normal price range for an engagement ring?

  28. Gameutiful says:

    daammn Aaron back at it again with the same grey coat

  29. MLG Life says:

    you know with that diamond ring… that can only mean one thing

  30. Can you make a video similar to this but for regular jewlery like as a gift for a girl

  31. PhuckHue2 says:

    never bought a ring never will. never getting married. I choose to have a happy life

  32. PhuckHue2 says:

    never bought a ring never will. never getting married. I choose to have a happy life

  33. Be cool.. you look so exited!

  34. Diamonds are crazy expensive and over priced but when I asked my wife marry me I knew I had to get one, I used james Allen and it couldn't of been better got a great diamond ring GIA certified diamond and customer service is great, of your gonna spend the money go with James Allen, it's still not cheap but my diamond appraised for twice what I paid for it

  35. =Find the Perfect Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring Set for Your Special Day

  36. If diamond git you da pussy than diamonds it is! ?

  37. Lone Warrior says:

    Instead of buying rings, you could just make it from gold and silver coins. You can make it look like a 3 – 10 carrots from cheap gold and silver. Save your money gents.

  38. Sirjean5 says:

    Exactly diamonds ain't my thing too . Thats why I don't like when people buy an expensive luxury watches like a Patek phillipe /Audemars Piguet and add diamonds on them . It spoils it and often look bogus and tacky ….

  39. Thankyou sir!
    Actualy i have no idea about Diamond;-)

  40. Lol, there are women who don't like diamonds.

  41. Bill Gates says:

    Guys, don't buy a Diamond Ring. It's a waste of money..

  42. Him? That's just sick, what's wrong with you dude? I was going to hit like on this but not now that's just messed up.

  43. Kim Tran says:

    Thankyou for the education

  44. how to buy a diamond ring……DON'T

  45. I am a woman and I HATE DIAMONDS.
    Too much bling. Nahhhh :P

  46. hey punk ass.
    I can get on your tail 24/7 But no.

    We coming.

  47. stare of death last second if the video ?

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