How to Make Wood Wedding Rings | Quick and Easy

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January 1, 2017
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January 2, 2017

Wood veneer rings / bentwood ring step-by-step tutorial. A quick and easy project that can be done without many expensive tools. Casper has sponsored this video and provided free product:
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Wood Veneer:
Veneer Saw:
Utility Knife:
Painters Tape:
Adhesive Sandpaper:
CA Glue:
Boiled Linseed Oil:
Spray Polyurethane:
Dremel Tool:

Making these wood rings is pretty simple and can be done without many tools. Basically we’re going to take some veneer and boil it in water to make it more pliable. We’ll then coil the veneer onto itself and bonding it with CA glue. You’ll find these rings are much stronger than just drilling a hole into wood and cutting the outside shape. That’s because we won’t have any weak points with endgrain. There will be many layers with straight grain laminated with glue which will make them very strong and durable. I’ll also show you how I added these accent lines with a contrasting veneer between 3 coils. Let’s get started.


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  1. Nice movie. However you can make it yourself. Just google woodprix and learn how to do it easily.

  2. D Rogers says:

    Hey man, thanks for the video. Have you tried CA glue for the finish? If so, which do you like better and why?

    Im amking a few rings now and am tossing up how I should finish them so they hold up well. Thanks again

  3. Hi I want to make this. but I cannot order veneer online. will pre applied iron activated glue veneer work? it is the only kind they have at home depot. please get back to me asap. thank-you for the video :)

  4. Hello can you please suggest glues that can be used that I can get locally and can you suggest the best glue for this process so I can order it? Thankyou

  5. is the CA glue a necessity? or could you use regular super glue?

  6. That's really clever loved how they turned out

  7. Tim Bruno says:

    "Pardon the interruption!" Lol Love it! But you seem to be lacking a Casper pillow for your Casper head! Thanks for sharing this one David. Getting married in October and thought about making my own ring.

  8. Zijian Wang says:

    awesome ring! just a question, what is the name of the music you used? didn't see it in the description..

  9. Hey, sorry if this is a late question, but I plan on making a few of these rings later. And I plan on using purple wood, maybe potentially some lighter woods as well, should I still use the boiled linseed oil?

  10. I said I was gonna use a purple wood, I was debating between dyed and purpleheart wood, I decided to go with purpleheart. but should I still use the linseed oil? This would be my first woodworking job. But if I could get a reply it would be greatly appreciated.

  11. is it necessary to use ca glue or will an other wood glue work?

  12. How tight is the initial coiling when they are taken out of the water?

  13. I've seen some people use CA glue as a finish. Is there a reason you prefer the boiled linseed oil and spray poly?

  14. rapid13 says:

    My CA glued the ring to the tape…

  15. DUDE can't wait for that ring stand

  16. If you make your own veneer it seems like you could glue up the inlay before doing so. Save yourself time later.

  17. I made a ring from an old skateboard I use to have in high school. I still have it til this day

  18. how thin do the vineer have to be when i cut it myself? i try'd to cut it and boil it (60 min and longer), but it breaks when i bend it. and the grain is pretty much straight.

  19. Olveyn says:

    how durable are rings like these? they look beautiful

  20. what species of wood veneer did you use?

  21. I bet looking back Kelly hates that she didn't have her nails done for the money shots!

  22. jay g says:

    Great video! Do you see any reason why lacquer wouldn't work as a finish?

  23. greg raganit says:

    i like kat that's ring

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