How to melt up scrap gold and make two wedding rings

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December 15, 2016
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December 15, 2016

Andrew Berry shows you how to make a wedding band out of scrap gold. Every detail is shown. Why not join his On Line Jewellery training website at for more At The Bench jewellers hints and tips.



  1. Blue Line says:

    Great video! I am a fan of yours and I am thinking to register on your website.
    I have one question…when you melt scrap gold (old rings, earrings…etc.) to make new items is no risk regarding the quality of the karat?
    I imagine that in different items are many different metals like silver and cooper and such…
    Is enough to melt the scrap and use some borax powder to consider the finished product a quality item? I ask because on internet I read many opinions about refining.
    Thank you

  2. Blue Line says:

    @AndrewBerryJewellery this is the fastest answer I ever see on internet or in Youtube.
    You are a gentleman! Thank you.

  3. ririek1 says:

    awesome to watch…

  4. 1956venas says:



  5. Wow, That is so awesome! Good job and great video!

  6. moonhorse100 says:

    nice video and song .. i wish i had that much equipment but i dont have space.. im a big collector of gold and i wish i melt some of my nuggets and scrap and make a nice coin 

  7. Dbjjr26 says:

    This makes me want to start a new career in Jewelry Crafting… I've always been a fan of Blacksmithing and acient arts that have been handed down by our Fathers fathers fathers 😀 This was an outstanding video hope to see more from you. Great job

  8. janietheresa says:

    cool…. but complicated :/

  9. I never thought that such a simple ring needed so much work to be made!

  10. Clear and nice vid. Vey helpful! Congrats!

  11. Autumnvicky says:

    Your my hero, thanks for the idea!

  12. jorgemarr says:

    Never knew how much work goes into making a ring. Great job thanks for sharing.

  13. Mark Pafford says:

    Awesome video very interesting!

  14. Thanks for the info. My Wife and I have been wanting to learn how to make our own jewelry for some time now.

  15. yeah that's pretty awesome. gave me confidence in making my fiance's ring.

  16. now if only i had enough dough to buy all that kit!

  17. RA30st08 says:

    Such a wonderful idea but I'm sure it's much more difficult than u make it look in this video, not to mention that all those specialist and/or very high quality tools you use would cost 10 times the price of an equivalent ring. 

  18. i know how to make jewelries. we have same proces. but you got high tech tool than mine hehehe. 1 hour is enof for 2 band rings

  19. Dean Morrice says:

    would love to try this but the price of gold is.. well, you know.

  20. >:( my smithing isn't high enough

  21. luke wilson says:

    the work that goes in to this is cool

  22. James n Sam says:

    I started yesterday and I like this video it is v helpful

  23. diego chavez says:

    so much work but it is awesome
    he has big skills props to u man 

  24. Mike Waters says:

    His apron is worth a fortune at the end of the day

  25. Boris Sabo says:

    Smooth goldsmithing, very quick and effective.

  26. Andrew Berry says:

    Thats great kyy656. We made these two rings in well under one hour.

  27. ARUN KUMAR says:

    nice work andrew

  28. KrisRaps says:

    With these tools the job is just a blessing !!!
    i would be happy to work with tool slike theese, but i will earn these tools, the mill and everything, need to step it up :)

  29. The contrast is interesting between the beautiful, pearly, manicured hands that will wear this lovely ring and the stained, rough, blackened hands that make it.
      Which is worth more?

  30. sugarrayfly says:

    Vague at certain stages, especially from melt to touch, but still fantastic video and I think we personally connect on taste of music – sooo dig it.

  31. Martin Hoch says:

    wow this had like 1000 steps. I thought it would be just pour gold into a ring mold, let cool and done.

  32. this is amazing.I never knew it took so much of hardwork for the wedding band that i am wearing.
    thank you very much for posting this video.
    i am in love with craftmenship.

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