How To Remove A Stuck Ring In 10 Seconds

August 10, 2017
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August 11, 2017

The answer to our most frequently asked question. How do you remove a ring that is stuck on your finger? Here’s the easy way.

This works for gold rings, platinum rings and sliver rings. You can use this method to remove wedding rings, sapphire rings, emerald ring and any other type of ring you can think of.




  1. That ring didn't look tight @ all…😕 #sceptic

  2. luis lopez says:

    i hope this works because my finger hurts alot

  3. Judy O says:

    My finger was so swollen and painful. My ring was wide and unusual but I tried: dental floss, rubber bands, baby oil, WD-40, soap, ice, petroleum jelly, and more. I was looking for a file or my Dremel cutter and thought I would try the crazy Windex. OMG-One spray and it wiggled off my finger with no damage to the ring or my finger. Even the swelling went down. Reminded me of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding and how Dad use it for all maladies! I am a believer.

  4. Shon Bennett says:

    OMG! It really worked, I wanted to switch rings for the longest and couldn't get my band off. I tried the windex method and BAM! Off it came with a little nudge! Thank you so much!😁

  5. Lisa Tritt says:

    OMG thank you! Been trying with soap, lotion, coconut oil and plastic wrap. Finally got it off with window cleaner (not Windex) but it still worked.

  6. Thank you SO MUCH! This worked in under 10 seconds!!!!!! I was getting worried after trying the dental floss, butter, soap etc. My finger was getting dusky. You are a lifesaver!

  7. Amazing…thank u ….it works surprisingly well…

  8. thank you Christopher, I used the windex in a bowl with ice and had my husband twist and pull, twist and pull. It worked. Wedding band has been on since 2000. I used ice to help keep my finger from swelling.

  9. Jane Fowlie says:

    Thank you ! My fingers had swollen and I had got eczema behind the ring , it was so itchy and red . I tried Vaseline and soap , no good. This worked immediately , such a relief .

  10. Didn't work for me and I tried it via my jeweler friend at her store.

  11. Brian O Shea says:

    it worked!!! been trying the elastic band trick for about 2 weeks and nothing. took my second go with Windex but it works!!! yay!!! thank you.

  12. wow! never tried it because I didn't think it would work! I tried, oils, soaps, grease, string, dental floss! the windex helped it come off easier and faster! Thank you!!

  13. Emma Stinson says:

    I tried this with a similar product and it didn't work. Does it have to be windex? Because I need this off but can't cut it because it was so expensive and it hurts so bad because I've been trying to to get this off

  14. I tried rubber band dental floss and Windex and it still wont come off! its been on my fingers for 2 days now! Nothing will work and i dont want to cutt it off!

  15. Wow, it worked! I wouldn't have ever thought of that. I thought I"d have to cut it off. Thank you!

  16. huskyfluffy says:

    Can you tell us why windows works??

  17. Thanks, definitely worked!

  18. HoiKatz says:

    Thanks you so much!!! I had my great grandmothers ring stuck on my finger and I didn't want to cut it because it was so special. I put it on about 3 months ago and my finger started hurting when I woke up so I tried everything and this was the only thing that works ;D my finger hurts really badly though

  19. Sloan B says:

    I can't believe it. It worked! I was getting so scared because I could not get it off with other methods!

  20. Weird as hell, yet effective.

  21. just d says:

    My fingers routinely just start swelling and I still cannot figure out the cause. This time they started swelling, I didn't get my rings off in time. I just found this, but didn't have any Windex, just Method window cleaner – so thought "what do I have to lose?" It worked! Thank you!

  22. that was as much use as tits on a nun!

  23. Roger Sallee says:

    I had a pewter ring stuck on my finger when I used to drink heavy but only part of my finger was swollen. Underneath my ring was a white mark and the skin was flaking off. My friends joked and said your finger looks like it's caved in. I always thought that was strange how my finger got huge except for underneath the ring. Since it obviously wasn't effecting my circulation because of that I didn't worry about having to get it removed quickly.

  24. Happy Pah says:

    Stupid idea like your face , put this stuff in your ass

  25. truuuueeeeeeee ! guyz ive tried it and it worked

  26. It worked, thanks!!!

  27. Thank you so much. This is highly appreciated. I injured my elbow and my hand got really swollen. My ring got stuck and tried with the floss, with oil, soap and nothing. Windex, publix brand lol worked immediately.

  28. Jane Manning says:

    It WORKED! I am astounded!! I have tried everything! Can someone explain why Windex works when nothing else does?!

  29. Gabby Garza says:

    Definitely didn't work for me.

  30. Tash Thomas says:

    Fantastic. A ring that had been stuck on for years came off within seconds. The dental floss etc did not work but this was great. Thanks 🙂

  31. Devin M says:

    I had a ring stuck on my finger, my finger was in so much pain and was swollen! Omg I thought this idea was crazy but it really worked!!! I had to spray about 5 times but it finally twisted off! I had tried lotion, oil, and ribbon and was getting ready to cry when I seen this video! Thank you so much 😊

  32. This really works. My ring came right off my swollen finger.

  33. Thank you! Worked perfectly!

  34. Toby from the office?

  35. Thank you sooooo much!!! Worked😎✅✅✅

  36. retiredfta says:

    I can't believe it but it worked!! I had two rings stuck after gaining a lot of weight. They didn't come flying off, I still had to twist and pull but they came off in less than 20 seconds. I was getting desperate! Thank you!

  37. Thank yoooooou! I was about to cry, lol. It works u guys

  38. emma burrows says:

    how dare you lie to me

  39. Mary Arroyo says:

    OMG!!! I can't believe how easy this worked after trying all kinds of things that Hurt! Thank you!


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