How to Sell a Diamond Engagement Ring Online in 5 Easy Steps

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February 8, 2017
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February 8, 2017

Selling an old engagement ring in 5 easy steps:

Using Worthy’s online auction platform you can get more for your jewelry without leaving your home:
1. Free Estimation-Tell us about your ring and provide an image, we’ll help you gauge its resale value

2. Insured Shipping- We’ll make sure your valuable arrives at our headquarters safely, with insurance coverage of 150% of its estimated resale value

3. Complimentary Grading-One of our esteemed grading partners will verify and describe your valuable with highly detailed, accurate descriptions

4. Professional Photos – Our in-house photographer will take HD 360 degree photos of your valuable, showing off every impressive detail

5. Personal Auction-Using the professional photos and grading, verified buyers from around the world are invited to compete for your ring. Just approve the highest bid, and the money is yours.



  1. 22 says:

    "selling the ring will get you nowhere the amount you paid to purchase it"
    you haven't paid shit.

  2. amanda davis says:

    These commercials are so gay!. It's like "sell my ring and everything else will fall into place."

    "Oh, look. I can relax and do yoga now!"

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