HRH Collection Review: Swarovski l Jewelry l Chains

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December 13, 2016
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December 13, 2016

My review of HRH Collection! I have a lot of pieces to show you and hope this review helps your purchase decision!
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HRH Collection
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  1. SuSu Musa says:

    Alex is very nasty person who support animal cruelty by eating gras foie and wearing fur.. if you buy from her cheap ass jewelry then you supporting this cruelty cause your money will allow her to go buy fur of animals who were skinned alive.. i'm glad i stopped my girlfriends to buy from her.

  2. vlogWithcyn says:

    Shes way overpriced..I love watching her but I wont buy her Jewelry.. I dont think your getting Quality stuff with her… who wants a Gold Necklace with a silver clasp.. #cheap

  3. Cheryl Kelly says:

    The leather on my Coco has not come apart at all.  Super comfortable looks great.I had a bracelet resized by Alex and I had no problems she was cool.

  4. your puppy is so cute! is she a cockerspaniel?

  5. Sharon says:

    chokers are so unflattering on everyone, it makes the neck look short and fat. I don't mean you are short and fat, chokers do that to everyone

  6. Ali 07 says:


  7. mychunkypup says:

    Thanks for the honest review about HRH products. Funny how you can find similar items from a reputable company at an outlet centers; one of which is juicy couture, they too cary the bracelet with "leather" through it for a cheaper price and better quality.

  8. Hi! Great video, I was thinking of purchasing some pieces of my own and finally made up my mind haha. I am not sure if you mentioned, but is your wrist 6 inches? Or did you have to get a custom length. Thanks!

  9. Soooo sad how you copied

  10. Really loved this vid. HRH is getting a lot of attention lately and it's kinda "huh?" for me to see people rave about her over priced, unoriginal jewelry. This woman is a genius, she is supporting an exorbitant lifestyle of coffee and regular shopping trips to Barney's while barely working. The swaroski crystals (which are really unofficial imitations sold by third parties) cost maybe a dollar to 2 dollars each depending on their size and color. For example the AB crystal that reflects a lot is 1.12 USD. While the chains are pretty, they are cheap aluminium chains manufactured by someone else and shipped to HRH wholesale. The clasps and wire you can buy at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. All in all, what Alex has to do is literally count to 12, cut a chain, and then put a cheap crystal on a wire, and add a clasp. Then she sells what cost her less than 10 dollars and prob under 10 min to make for a 40 dollar premium.

    I have gotta hand it to that woman, she is living the american DREAM. She makes me want to start a jewelry line and sell it for marked up prices online. But hey, free market economy <3

    PS: Anyone calling you a hater is so confused and I'm glad you did this vid. If you didn't believe in the quality you wouldn't be sitting there with HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS of Alex's Jewelry and she needs to recognize how much some of her clients spend and do more customer service wise. You spent your hard earned money on her stuff and you're more than entitled to constructive criticism.

  11. knight ivet says:

    hello,love the video, did you ever post the website you purchase similar chains with great chains

  12. Elle Zee says:

    this would be a fantastic video to see what changes to make in order to make a better product. every small business should HOPE to get feedback like this.

  13. everyone file a claim with paypal to get your money back. open a claim as item not as described.

  14. DoDo96 says:

    Use hot glue to fix the leather on the bracelet :)

  15. galemoy says:

    Alex is a smart business woman. She sells yall a LIFESTYLE, haha. I'm not bashing her or anyone who purchases from her, because even though I wouldn't buy her pieces, I watch her vlogs religiously. I just find it funny how people expects this luxury quality in her pieces, because she wears them with Chanel bags and all around LA. She makes young girls think that if they buy just ONE necklace of her's, they will be like her. It's genius. AND she obviously doesn't make the chains. Which is why she LOVES selling you guys chockers and lariats, because all she has to do is cut the chain and add clasps.

  16. Alex Picot says:

    Your dog is adorable!

  17. I wanted to order from her but to be honest the pieces after seen this video don't look good quality at all, they just look like regular jewelry from Claires or any store. Most of the poeces you mentioned you have a complain about it si it make me rethink buying from her line because I like to be sayisgied with my purchases not just resignated. Thank you for the great review.

  18. Serena says:

    What is the site with the cheap jewelry? lol

  19. Wendy Bee says:

    I'm only a few minutes into your video. She buys rolls of various chains, cuts them and adds clasps. Any monkey can do it!

  20. Jenn Muntz says:

    Coffee and couture website (Ally Sevdalis from you tube) has very similar jewlery for much less and way faster shipping..

  21. Gold chain with silver colored clasp so cheap looking. I can't believe what you paid for this crap.

  22. i just ordered some peices today, For some reason I didn't review them I'm scared..

  23. Hannah M says:

    where did u get the v neck you're wearing? its rlly cute

  24. Nikisworld says:

    I think all her stuff is cheap and ugly plus those mismatch clasp is ridiculous

  25. Julie W says:

    I really like the CoCo bracelets, but those would be so easy to make. Did she just glue the ends, or is there also glue where she wove the leather around the chain? The ends can be riveted. There are some very small, cute rivets on the market. And much longer lasting than glue, for sure.

  26. Mary Poppins says:

    Sworski lmfao whaaat

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