Engagement Rings We Love in 2017 by DiamondWish.com
July 15, 2017
Aliexpress order review: jewelry, necklace Silver 925 – Обзор: серебряное Ожерелье (серебро 925)
July 16, 2017

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  1. Lmaooo..Lord Lord. Pussy AKA Percy is saved. 😭😭

  2. I'm so glad to hear your Me is good!! To God be the glory!!

  3. Jordan is so cute when she wakes up! Awe 👑

  4. TDBee09 says:

    I love that motto…."It's never too late to do the right thing!!"

  5. SIMPLYME! says:

    Hahaha !! "GET READY TO BUST IT OPEN … Whose wife are you ?"

  6. MJJ Squad says:

    unsolicited advice is inappropriate

  7. Sianne C says:

    you guys are so lovely and cuteee

  8. Beautiful ring. God bless. I'm finally catching up on this weeks videos. Great vlog. Have a wonderful day

  9. "Man up Pussy. Come on pussy." lmao. Got a mini Donald Trump on our hands. Lol Jk

  10. jewellm61 says:

    Not all the time. I've seen J3 try to ask a question in the car and have to wait a long time. How long each child has to wait for a response, depends on what's going on.

  11. Queen C says:

    😂😂 did he say man up pussy ?

  12. I remember his old videos this Guy was funny as hell


  14. j3'ѕ gιggle 💜
    jor ѕo ѕweeт тellιng on нerѕelғ, ι'м ѕad jerry dιdn'т acĸnowledge ιт wнen ѕнe ѕaιd ѕo.

  15. That must be real far outta Chicago! I've never heard of it lol.

  16. Jordan's face during the car wash was HILARIOUS!! lol.

  17. Yumi Sippi says:

    man up pussy man up. LMAO I have a dirty mind

  18. KedaNCrew says:

    Get a lock for the toilet won't be fun when they flush a toy down

  19. Elle says:

    She said daddy I want to put it in the toilet😂😂😂 she warning you that she is about to do it again 😭

  20. Elle says:

    It's so crazy how I see so many couples with a boy and girl and the girl looks just like the father and the boy looks just like the mom.

  21. Yeah can't stand that Jerry he is lazy I am not watching anymore😡

  22. Aida says:

    Dad died in June and Mom is dying from ALS, but I appreciate your hopes. I did have that once. It was great.

  23. Nyia J. says:

    ahahha lol dee tell Jerry what's good lol love guys over catching up on your clogs almost up to now

  24. ineedya123 says:

    The fact that Jor told on herself shows her intelligence, and the fact that she trust her parents enough to admit when she has done something wrong. These wack ass youtube watchers just talk so much shit about this family. The LaVignes seem to be amazing parents who love each other. Even if you think they "only parent on camera" which is dumb btw, the children show evidence of growing up happy, and in an healthy stable enviorment.-A preschool teacher #bringbacktherealgrapevines

  25. Just discovered this channel  by watching old episode of the Davidsons and I love it already!!! God bless you all!

  26. his kids are so adorable

  27. It sounded like he said pussy not Percy

  28. Sue Young says:

    why didn't Jerry discipline Jordan for putting the tots in the toilet

  29. Jennie Mason says:

    Hope you enjoyed streaking for Jerry, Dee. WOW

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