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February 6, 2017
How to Not Be a Dick to Your Friends in Long-Term Relationships
February 6, 2017

Jack Thriller takes his friend to Marchello The Jeweler, to help him pick out an engagement ring.



  1. StrictlyG says:

    damn Jack you BALLINNNN

  2. tnymrtz23 says:

    Lol jack that nigga

  3. mexia23 says:

    I don't got limited edition money lmaoo haha

  4. WantTeaBag says:

    Camera man sucks , strugglign with the focus

  5. Kobe Irving says:

    "shes a great girl i tried to fuck her she wouldnt even let me fuck her" nigga jack a fool

  6. eldo says:

    fucken hillarious

  7. Them niggas need lotion for them knuckles thoe haha!!!

  8. BaDMrFr0zty says:

    damn that chain fresh.. let me get that old one the one from hood days!

  9. jack funny as fuck this nigga needa be in some movies i would buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ozdts62 says:

    Shit !!! Why is it so hot , is it fake ??!! Lmmfao 

  11. Gully Pres says:

    What kind of glasses is he wearing ?

  12. 7 grand how much you love her lmao

  13. watz09 says:

    Looks like their at 165 mall by Jamaica 

  14. Look up , Haitian Dunkn (on YouTube),
    In This bitch.

  15. bobtastic47 says:

    Niggas buying back Diamonds and gold from the same Jews who stole it in the first place,,, THE IRONY…!!! stupid ass rich HOUSE niggas.

  16. Enrique says:

    You for the brotha man…. and not the otha mann hahaha

  17. MrJJtheboss says:

    imagine spending an entire day with this guy. can you stop laughing? i would probly die from laughing, but its the best way to go

  18. MrJJtheboss says:

    2:26 ballin on a budget. this nigga is too funny

  19. Aksel Papa says:

    This black brothers are so stupid ,keep spending your hard earn money with the Jews and middle eastern those same people dt give a dawn about us black

  20. TMLJW says:

    you for the brutha man… and not the otha man LOL!!

  21. mannylora says:

    "That's a limited edition Rollie? Yeah well I got limited edition money" lmaoooo

  22. kid Nazereth says:

    jack one funny ass nigga

  23. Sach6693 says:

    I feel like I'm the only person who thought those rings were ugly as hell

  24. When guys are coming up with prices off the top of their heads, you know you getting ripped off

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