Jessa and Ben Pick Up Their Wedding Rings | 19 Kids and Counting

Jessa and Ben Pick Up Their Wedding Rings | 19 Kids and Counting
December 31, 2016
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December 31, 2016

With the wedding just a few days away, Jessa and Ben are busy running errands, including picking up their wedding bands! | For more 19 Kids and Counting, visit

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  1. Mark Neary says:

    There so cute together 

  2. Tink hix says:

    All 19 of those children are soooo pretty!! esp the girl. Beautiful little women

  3. Rebecca Foo says:

    Ben is so sweet and creative 

  4. Hold old r they? Never seen the show, she looks 17 he looks 28

  5. Joe Faith says:

    This show is basically child abuse & a disgusting example of how religion makes people do horrible stupid things. 19 Kids, Really?

  6. Balazs Toth says:

    Stunning couple! Wonderful example.. love the Duggars!

  7. Omg I love that ring her got her beautiful I love that whole family the bigger the family the more through a life time! Amazing, he is raising some great daughter and respectful sons. When I have a family I will raise in that way, cause the life I was raised in wasn't good. And to see how that man and his wife have raised their children they did a wonderful great amazing job, they are some amazing PARENTS ???
    GREAT JOB Mr. and Mrs. Duggar!
    You are truly an Inspiration on real family values.
    God Sent?
    Because of you I look at life in a different Light☺️ thank you?

  8. Awe this is such a special moment 

  9. k so how does he have the money for a custom wedding ring?

  10. I love that ring, and wedding band together

  11. Greta Sadler says:

    Ben will be a fantastic father. I think there having twins.

  12. BLAH BLAH DUGGAR NEWS always means THEY ARE GONE. Hateful bitches and perv boys. We need not mention Michelle and Jim Bob, youtube's favorite white trash cum-dump couple since they are the ultimate in scam artists. Question of the moment: HOW MUCH MONEY did YOU send to that little bitch, Jill, and her fake ministry? Fucking funny joke on you retards!

  13. Who cares what these retards do anywhere and for any reason? they are useless, filled with greed and jesus sauce. It does show through the deformed younger children, missing toes, and in some cases a penis here and there.

  14. Delia Enya says:

    They're such a beautiful couple omg

  15. Brian Gundul says:

    Here they are again, The Duggar DooDoo, and just in time to serve us their garbage.

  16. Eloise Craft says:

    What's a wedding band ?

  17. BeingHollie says:

    Look in the mirror at 1:16 she saw it.

  18. maddog 380 says:

    He wrote on his hand

  19. my mom have the same wedding ring

  20. Steven Morse says:

    OK, WHO SAID THIS??? "Plzie the Jezuzz, and goD Blesh ou?" WORRIED

  21. That ring aggravates my ocd

  22. This scene is just so pathetic. Reality and such shows do prove that humans can be such boring assholes. Thanks a lot, TLC, as you could not have found a more bland and boring family to present.

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