Jeulia Jewelry Reviews 3 0 CT Black Diamond Skull Engagement Ring

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December 27, 2016
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December 27, 2016

Jeulia Jewelry Reviews – 3.0 CT Black Diamond Skull Engagement Ring Reviews From Ashton




  1. how is the ring holding up

  2. Paul stonger says:

    Don't buy from, it's all a charade. Everything is phony, the quality is horrible. The ring will fall apart after 3 days. Stay away!!

  3. did you go get it appraised?

  4. ^Unique Engagement Ring Black Diamond Engagement Rings

  5. The rings are rings you can buy from the 99 cent store. Do not buy them!!!!!!!! They are insanely over priced. Always do your research before purchasing.

  6. KILL ME!!!!! 5 minutes of yada yada before we get to the ring?!!!!!

  7. Kehoe Emily says:

    I was proud of buying the jewelry from jeulia, five month ago, i purchased a silver ring, now it still looks like new.

  8. C. Dubs says:

    ? I literally just saw this on for $6.99… please do not waste any more of your money on

  9. Funny as F…when she talks numbers and dates, her eyes dart up left..when she thinks something quality (fluff and bluff) she goes top right. Uh, I learned in Psych 101 that is ALL manufacturing of storytelling. Would love to play poker with her. I could clean her of enough money to buy one of these over priced rings. But then I would have to wait….

  10. Where can I purchase his item in Bangladesh? shop location.

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