How to pick the right jewelry with your wedding outfit
December 20, 2016
Jewelry Review MondayNoon ( CLOSED!!!!)
December 20, 2016
This is my review for and the candle I got! If you’re a candle lover like me you’ll LOVE this candle! They smell amazing and you get a piece of jewelry in every candle ranging from $10-$7500!!! 100% Soy and earth friendly candles and with the 2 wicks they burn evenly and clean! I highly recommend you get yourself one of these candles so your house can smell just as great as mine ever since I’ve got one of these candles!!!



  1. All these reveiws sound the same. you all say the same thing it sounds so fake

  2. this is a great review! 

  3. They copied diamond candles. Just changed it up. DC for life

  4. Can you contact me? 😉 I would

  5. My comments keep posting :/ I would

  6. Like for you to review my product, lol…

  7. lesliethco says:

    Jewelry candles is awesome. Their Candles, Roses, Soaps, and tarts are amazing. The jewelry is beautiful and never has any nickle in it. Plus you get paid to sell them. Yes people can be consultants. Anything else just doesn't compare.

  8. lesliethco says:

    I have always been a skeptic. I really did enjoy these candles. I enjoyed it so much, I became a constultant. Gosh I sound like a commercial. But they are really awesome.

  9. Diamond candles may be the original but there are so many good ones out there now, it has some serious competition.

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