Woman’s post about her $130 wedding rings goes viral
December 14, 2016
Tigerlily Gifts a Gift Shop in Wellington selling Homeware and Jewelry
December 14, 2016

Jewelry Candles are amazing highly fragranced double wick candles. You can receive a variety of jewelry in each candle so it is always a surprise of what you are going to get.




Trisha Fernandez is the rep I purchased through and she is amazing! You can visit her here:


Review By: Liz Kasson

Video Production By: Joshua Quarrell
Every Drop’s An Idea





  1. TK 316 is Stainless Steel.

  2. Thank you! I stand corrected! :)

  3. Metilda Love says:

    Hi Elizabeth. How can I contact you about possibly doing a review?

  4. Hello Metilda! You can email me at lizkassonaz@yahoo.com 

  5. Elizabeth Kassin tk316 is not sterling silver! It's stainless steel.

  6. Thank you. If you note on the video it is corrected to stainless in writing. 🙂 So I am aware of this already. 🙂 

  7. jeannea Reed says:

    bought one it took 8 wks to get totally missed christmas. kept it myself and when i got the ring out it has to be the ugliest costume jewelry i have ever seen. did not fit well and i was very very disappointed.

  8. I love love love the roses. I also sell jewelry candles

  9. tk316 is a non tarnishing steel u need to see 925. i also am a rep for this company

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