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February 3, 2017
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February 4, 2017

You put your heart soul and immense efforts to make the investment of your life last longer and now it’s time to know the perfect steps to secure your jewellery. Here’s Shreya Kalra, jewellery expert from “Truly Bridal By Kalyan”, with 7 useful tips for brides to secure their jewellery safely, from storing the jewellery to cleaning the lifelong investment. Watch the video to get yourself acquainted with the right tips to maintain the wedding ring to expensive necklace!!
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There’s no bigger day in your life than your WEDDING day! Apart from swearing an oath with your partner, you need to get a quintessential dress, flawless makeup, graceful jewellery and mesmerizing destination! Explore how you can make your wedding the most memorable one because for most of us, this day will live on forever.”



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