Jewelry in Candles Review & Reveal!

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December 15, 2016
December 15, 2016

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  1. Kris Keller says:

    These services are really cool!

  2. Great review! Love the ring you got!

  3. I always wanted to try Diamond candles, but this one seems sooo much better!

  4. Your eyes are so so pretty!
    Great review! This was very informative. I gotta try this company out! The ring you got is so pretty!

  5. Just to let you know, I am bow scrolling down the site to choose a candle!

  6. @Layla Melanie Thanks so much girl! You def should! Love this company@ :)

  7. Coopdizzle says:

    Great review! Need to change the battery in your smoke detector. Don't want you to catch on fire. Even though your make up is SMOKIN!

  8. Mandy James says:

    Great vidéo! This was actually really helpful for me. I'm ordering one of these fir my mom for Mother's Day! 🙂 Thanks fir all the info!

  9. Now I wänt order oneee!!!

  10. Hi Beautiful,

    i just bumped into your channel and i'm loving your videos and the work you're doing here,i can see the passion you put in every single video,and you have an amazing personality,
    i subbed to your channel to support you,♥

    i also have a channel 2,and i will love to stay in touch,please come and check out my channel if you would like 2,that will be awesome,

    lots of love to you

  11. Love your makeup! This seems like an awesome service. It would make a good mother's Day gift! Too bad it's so close! I think I'll order one for my mom's birthday though.

  12. Paige Lynn says:

    I LOVE your makeup! Great review!

  13. Jic By Lisa says:

    Hi I was just looking through reveal and review videos for JIC, I came across yours and I like how you pointed out all the facts about not only JIC's products but also the box and packaging. Also your ring is beautiful 🙂 I am a rep for JIC and wanted to know if I could share your video on my social sites. Thank you!

  14. Jenny Lyn says:

    This video was so well done! You were so informative and I loved that you compared several companies! Awesome!

  15. Emmie May says:

    I bought Bella candles and it SUCKED! Took forever and the ring broke! I wish I tried this one. :/

  16. Some Wench says:

    have you tried pinkT candles. apparently they are really good

  17. Mel Michaels says:

    Has your ring turned your finger colors or rusted?

  18. I like being able to choose the size of the ring or get the necklace if I'm buying for someone as a gift and don't know their ring size. The ring you got is BEAUTIFUL! I'm a Jewelry in Candles rep too and never thought of using the boxes for a little piggy bank. Going to make a couple now for each one of us 🙂 Thanks for the tip! We are going to make a video on my son's candle we got him for Christmas maybe tomorrow. I like that we can choose jewelry for men. The last ring he got was really nice…so we are hoping this one will be as good as the last. Thanks for sharing your great review and reveal

  19. my mom ordered some of the jewlery in candles

  20. I am thinking of joining this as a representative! I love candles and I love jewelry and I think it would be fun to sell them. I just recently bought one from a company called jewel candle, it's in a not have much of a fragrance to it, are these fragrant I mean I don't want to be superstrong but I want to smell it LOL maybe you can give me a little more information about joining?

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