Jewelry Safes-Review of the AmVault Jewelry Safe

February 15, 2017
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February 15, 2017

Jewelry Safes-Review of the AmVault Jewelry Safe – Get jewelry safes at

Hey, this is Ed from Action Lock and Safe in Tampa, Florida and Today I’m going to show you our Amvault. Our Amvault is our high security safe for someone who’s looking to lock up their jewelry, coins, gold, and silver. This can be at a pawn shop, a jewlery store, this can be at your home.

This is made in the USA. And that’s why we sell them here at Action Lock and Safe. Now this particular model is our TL30. Now TL30 means Tool Resistant for 30 minutes that no thief in the world in the world can get into. That means that Underwriter Labratories stamps that and that what jewelry store insurance companies look for.

This safe has two relocking devices, that if I knock this dial off and punch the lock in you’ll set off 2 relocking devices that’ll lock the thief out right away. It also has a hard plate that will lock them out if they are trying to drill through it and defeat the lock. And also inside, we have locking bolts on both sides.

This safe weighs 2679 pounds and has a 2 hour fire protection. Now you can adjust your metal shelving. We’re not looking for beauty as much as we’re looking for security. I have sold these safes to home owners who have some serious valuables at home and they have an alarm system but they also have a safe that’s very high in security.

This is not a gun safe, this is a jewelry safe, made by American Security Products which they call the Amvault. You can find us at our website at and click on jewelry safe and it’ll take you right there. We have all different sizes and we have all our prices layed out.

We have a sale going on right now and we’ll ship anywhere in the United States. So go to and click on jewelry safes.


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