JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency – The Wedding Rings Of Death (HD)

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February 10, 2017
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February 11, 2017

Wamuu/Wham and Esidisi/ACDC implanting their Rings in Joseph.
I don’t own any of the footage that is shown in this Video. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is owned by Hirohiko Araki, Shueisha, David Productions, and Warner Bros. Entertainment.



  1. I just realized that Esidisi and Wammuu's voice actors are Marshall D. Teach's and Leorio-san's voice.

  2. Xionado says:

    When your BAE declares to you

  3. 0:12 anyone get the reference? XD

  4. KissTheBlade says:

    0:13 Esidisi can fucking deepthrout

  5. 千葉滉太 says:


  6. TMNJ says:

    Advises for kids from Esidisi: "See something unknown to you lying on the floor – swallow it"

  7. Mr.Chompski says:

    Let's notice that there's only one dislike… Joseph, I know that's your doing!

  8. 0:35
    Joseph: Welcome to Burger King what would you like?
    Wamuu: Soda
    Joseph: Do you want anything with that?
    Wamuu: SODA
    Joseph: This is a bad idea. You'll regret it.

  9. I've always thought that Esidisi had to be the one to come up with a concept of such bizarre ring, so that would make Kars create them (since he's a genius) and Wamuu to be the one who uses them frequently ('cause worthy opponents and what not). yay teamwork.

  10. "Do i look like a bigamist or something?" …emm…Yes, Joseph, pretty mucho :v

  11. 夏梓淯 says:

    0:120:17  just like the thing that could only happen in American cartoon .

  12. horaciosi says:

    (0:17) Someone on DeviantArt is getting a boner right now

  13. Most manliest gay wedding ever.

  14. Wow.. joseph just got married with 2 men

  15. Who wants wedding ring? I have 1

  16. ダイナマイト食べるとかスマブラのワリオかw

  17. TheMaster100 says:

    Need to rewatch Part 2

  18. Efe Muratal says:

    If Kars put a ring in Jojo too, Joseph would be dead after part 2.

  19. "do I look like a bigamist or something?!"

    why yes.. yes you are. right, josuke?

  20. 岸辺露伴 says:


  21. 金土日曜 says:


  22. gyoza chan says:


  23. carlos conde says:

    so touching it to remove it will make it break, so why not just make the heart move out of i instead*

  24. tawney starr says:

    if ever I get married, I want it to be like this

  25. tomoryu-0429 says:


  26. Am I the only one amused that Joseph was more upset about the bigamy implication rather than the fact he got married to men in the late 30's?

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