Kai and Krystal are getting married? both stars spotted with engagement rings

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February 13, 2017
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February 13, 2017

oh well, oh well….

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  1. It is possible right? 2 years ago in Krystal and Jessica Reality Show. She said it would be good if she can marry a man before she turns 30. But it's too early though?

  2. Krystal Jung says:

    i'm so happy if they're engaged to each other! looking forward for this couple so muchhh <3 u guys will always have my support!

  3. Anna M says:

    lol ofc they look so good together but getting married? thats so funny bcs kai is still really active and busy with his schedule as well as krystal. they are both still too young to get married.

  4. lies… they're too busy. they should just keep dating. better if they break up than get a divorce if their relationship starts to have problems

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