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February 28, 2017
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February 28, 2017


Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy my Kendra Scott Jewelry Collection! I can’t say enough great things about the Kendra Scott brand – I have absolutely loved every single piece that I have purchased. I just find her jewelry to be so versatile, classic and perfect for casual, special occasions or work.

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Featured Kendra Scott Jewelry (in order):
Danielle Earrings – Ivory Mother of Pearl / Gold
Lobe Wonder, Earring Support Patches
Rayne Necklace – Ivory Mother of Pearl / Gold
Rayne Necklace – Turquoise / Gunmetal
Elle Earrings – Blue Lace Agate / Silver
Elle Earrings – Turquoise / Gold
Elle Earrings – Blue Iridescent / Gold
Carly Stud Earrings – Rose Quartz / Gold
Harlow Necklace – Rose Quartz / Gold
Nemera Long Necklace – Gold
Aiden Pendant Necklace – Gold / Silver

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  1. Angeland88 says:

    ❤️ kendra scott and great collection

  2. Your eye color is amazing!!!

  3. I love KS I love her Elisa pendant necklaces have maybe 5-6 of them just got a necklace from her fall collection and dying over the new lariat necklaces she has out!! Love your collection:)

  4. Jade L says:

    YESS Kendra Scott is my favorite!! Great collection!

  5. You're stunning and I absolutely love your collection!!

  6. mbeeco says:

    if you didn't know, the black iridescent earrings are reversible !! I have the same one 🙂

  7. This is the first video I've seen of yours and I'm already in love with your videos💖👑
    And your GORGEOUS😍😩🔫

  8. If you don't want some of them I will take it my parents can't afford them and all the popular kids wear these and I want to fit in thanks ❤️🙃

  9. gwen b. says:

    i love KS i have 8 things from there lol

  10. mlouhurst says:

    Just found your channel…..can you tell me what nail color you're wearing in this video? So beautiful!

  11. Lala 123 says:

    Your eye color is so pretty!!!!!

  12. MsMaddy87 says:

    new subbie. love your collection.

  13. Spree says:

    Kendra Scott jewelry is so cute!! Check out a video about it on our channel as well!

  14. a576823 says:

    I don't have any yet but my mom said if i do better in school, I can get one at the end of the school year. I was gonna go for the basic Elisa pendant necklace that every girl has but then I saw the Cami necklace which is similar but with a little twist! (or even the Cory one)

  15. Jazzylyn says:

    I just bought a Elisa pendant and I love it SO much and I love KS

  16. I am obsessed with Kendra Scott! Love your collection!

  17. LeiAut says:

    Great collection! I get the most compliments on my Elle Abalone earrings!

  18. Avery B says:

    That looks like RCLbeauty101's room!😂 Any levinators out there!

  19. Please join my Facebook group "Kendra Scott BBBS Texas" if you aren't addicted to KSyou will be. The kendra listings are awesome we buy sell and trade!!

  20. Love your collection! I'm obsessed with my elle earrings! Just wondering, do you ever clean your kendra scott jewelry? I've had mine for awhile and was curious because I don't want them to tarnish since they are more of a fashion jewelry material.

  21. scooter367 3 says:

    ur eyes are beautiful😍💙

  22. Julia Perez says:

    make sure not to touch the silver or gold it takes the color away! if your silver or gold starts to fade go to the Kendra Scott store and just ask if you can replace it. they'll replace it for free!

  23. Jolly M says:

    I wish the line would not tarnish. Yes, mine is authentic and is pricey. A great turn off.

  24. on my way to buy some of these gorgeous pieces!

  25. Emmy Morris says:

    Wonderful collection! 🙂 I thought the Turquoise and Ivory Mother Of Pearl pieces were particularly striking 🙂 I'm really loving the KS Amethyst stone Elle earrings these days so I know what you mean about the versatility of the pieces and how they're somehow classic and trendy all at once 🙂

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