Black, White and Brilliant – A Preview of Hemmerle’s New York Spring Viewing
December 12, 2016 Jewelry Review-Unsatisfied Customer Payaso719
December 12, 2016

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I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!



  1. do it wear one person gets to do one fan mail a day

  2. Maria Chanel says:

    can you open 5 fan mails a day and btw i love you guys so much and you're goals❤️

  3. each of yall get one and open them so you wo t be behind

  4. Beargirl 100 says:

    I think each person should open one a day

  5. smile more 5 boxes a day

  6. one at brekfest one at lunch one at dinner one before bed

  7. Each of you do 2 a day

  8. stop at 2:20 its pretty funny

  9. jonty waite says:

    Just get married

  10. very cool mail opening

  11. your little boy is funny

  12. glittery cat says:

    open 3 presents a day

  13. hey u should make a toilet paper fort at Walmart

  14. my Lol says:

    they should get married

  15. I'm only 10 and I still buy CDs

  16. Can you please marry that girl?

  17. just do one long mail vlogs been waiting for them I think should have 1 mail blog a week or month

  18. JENNI VLOGS says:

    this was the first video i ever watched of roman that my cousin showed me

  19. 1:53 I used to do that with my mom until I got too old, that makes me happy

  20. Rage14 14244 says:

    When Are you going to propose

  21. do like ten aweek

  22. Keep fighting and smile more…Thanks Roman

  23. betsjuso says:

    3 to 5 a day, want to hear some of the letters too!

  24. Lauren Evans says:

    I'm his daughter for real im not lieing

  25. I think you should open up 3 boxes a night

  26. I keep thinking they are engaged because of the names he puts on the videos. But I agree they should.

  27. T dog650 says:

    That store is sams club

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