LOTR The Fellowship of the Rings – The Gifts of Galadriel [Extended Edition]

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December 11, 2016
Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You
December 11, 2016


  1. 6digit says:

    that back ground  music almost distracted me while I watching this scene, it's sounds so great, is that part of the soundtrack ?

  2. She gave Boromir and Sam two lightsabers. Peter couldn't show that part for obvious reasons.

  3. that boy Gimili asked for some pussssaaaay

  4. Sad thing they didn't make the Rope gift more like the books

  5. Hussain P says:

    I love the scene between Aragorn and Galadriel!

  6. Hotdude says:

    They just upgraded their armour, weapons and acessories,lol

  7. Nominee100 says:

    blanchett was the best choice for galadriel

  8. Thunder core says:

    Sooo why did gimli only ask for hair Lol

  9. Why didn't they show Boromir receive his gift?

  10. Sam never did get to use his shity piece of rope…

  11. how replay the video just to see the smile ???☺

  12. Gimli's right. Galadriel is totally hot!

  13. deku scribe says:

    This scene always makes me cry…She gifted Frodo with the light of a Silmaril! This shows the tremendous amount of faith and hope she is placing in Frodo's quest. That is no small gift! What greater trust can their be than that? And how she gave Gimli three hairs from her head! When thousands of years earlier, in her youth she refused her legendary uncle the same request! If you read the Silmarillion, it definitely deepens the emotional impact of this scene. So powerful! We can all give our loved ones a similar gift…"May it be a light for you, in dark places, when all other lights go out" That represents unconditional love that strengthens the spirit, so no matter how tough times get, there is always a refuge in our loved ones support.
    This is why I love LOTR, so much inspiration for the real world that we can take and give, whether it's the wise words of Gandalf…"Come out before your doors and look abroad…too long have you sat in shadows trusting to twisted tales and crooked promptings…" or the sagely advice from Galadriel…LOTR is truly rich in spiritual inspiration.

  14. tuni16tuni says:

    For years now I have been wondering why Boromir was the only one not to receive a gift that's so not cool

  15. Canuckle says:

    And Boromir, She didn't care enough for him

  16. TEST says:


  17. GreenSlugg says:

    I need to see the extended editions now.

  18. 2:52
    What is the name of that track? T^T

  19. They should have given Sam a pot to piss in. Tell him it'll turn it into wine or something.

  20. soulfull M. says:

    her gift was the lesbian scene she did in some movie last year.

  21. Tim Lewis says:

    what was boromirs gift? I remember them talking together.

  22. Tim Lewis says:

    the golden belt, I remember now

  23. BanKooBah says:

    dang thats some creepy shit, gimili asked for hairs, wuda asked for a blowjob NAWMSAYINNNN

  24. faolan1686 says:

    Gimli's crush on her is just adorable.

  25. Junaid toor says:

    what kind of shitty gifts are these lmao …

  26. I like Frodo's one the best! Cate was the PERFECT choice to play Galadriel! Her voice and poise awesome especially that scene with Frodo!

  27. Galadriel's soft laugh and smile in this movie are so infectious ?great casting and wonderful portrayal by Blanchette. The significance of the backstory regarding this scene really should've automatically made it to the final cut.

  28. Gofaw says:

    Everyone gets dope stuff and Sam gets god damn rope. Must feel like shit

  29. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Cate Blanchett pronounced "Earendil" wrong in this scene? J.R.R Tolkien explicitly states in the pronunciation keys of his books that "Ea" in Elvish is pronounced with the "E" and "A' sounds separately. E.G Earendil is pronounced "Eh- yah – rendil", not "Ee – ren – dil". "And "Feanor" is "Fey-ah-nor", not "Feynor".

  30. Himi Jendrix says:

    What was the gift that Aragorn already had? I don't speak Elvish…

  31. damn i want fuck galadariel

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